How social media affects lives

By Patrick Smith
October 1, 2015

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Social media has been all over the world for years now. It has hundreds of millions of users and is something that most people use every day. However, in some cases, social media can also lead to trouble. With social media being so prevelant, people can become addicted, whether it is to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. People who get addicted to it can have problems with their life, whether it is anxiety or depression. It can also lead to bad mistakes like not being able to focus in school with homework or studying for a test or quiz. When someone is addicted, they cannot get off of it and focus on more things that are important to them in their lives, like school or a full time job. It can also cause college students to be stressed out with all of their schoolwork and could lead to troubles down the road like dropping out or even flunking. Social media does have some pretty big problems with our daily lives, but it can also be a good thing for us as well.

Social media can be used for something like making a status that everyone sees about something good. Getting a full-time job or what college you decide to attend and getting a bunch of likes on it can really show a lot of people who we communicate with about who we are and what we do in our daily lives. Other people that are found on social media, like mostly on Facebook, are those who are older like in their 50s, 60s or even 70s. They are able to communicate and get back in touch with friends from high school or college that they have not seen or talked to in years. Social media can really help us keep in touch with everyone important to us and can also give us details of something happening like news or a special event. That is one reason why social media is important to us, because when something is posted it does not go away unless it is deleted by that user.

Social media is a very special thing to have even if you are not on all types and just some of them. It can move things along quickly and make it easier, whereas when it did not exist and it was much harder to follow what goes on in the world. It may also have negative things to it as well and is something that needs to be solved fast so it does not affect other important things in life than social media. When it comes to social media, think of it as your guide to see what your life is like as well as everyone else’s that you communicate with, like your friends or family.

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Patrick Smith

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