How important are appearances?

By Nygeria George
October 21, 2015

Men’s fashion varies depending on the person’s individuals tastes. Photo credit: Creative Commons


Sometimes, men will go for a nicer, classier look depending on the occasion. Photo credit: Creative Commons

  Everyone has their own sense of style; their style is also incorporated with their appearances. People of all ages have a different attire that may be suitable for them, however others may think differently. College students, for example, have a tendency to have a more lax appearance. Reason may be because classes are not considered an event where you should always have to look your best. Some people think otherwise. “Being dressed” can be described many ways by all people. Some think ‘being dressed’ is having on any outfit, as long as it looks presentable and clean. Other people may think ‘being dressed’ is impressing others by the latest fashion, styles, trends and accessories.

Sometimes it may not be a good thing to look nice all the time. Makeup, hair extensions, nail tips and even eyelashes are all add-ons to one’s true appearance. Your actual appearance is how you look underneath everything. To be natural is also a beautiful feeling. Natural beauty is a very appealing outlook.

When it comes to certain events, it is best to always have on the proper attire. During any sort of interview, it is best to have more semi-formal clothing. In that situation, you want to make sure you look the part you are trying to pursue. When it comes to parties, most people like to ‘dress to impress;’ at parties, people should look nice. That is when you should put more time and effort into what you choose to wear.

Women have many options for their every day styles. Photo credit: Creative Commons

On the other hand, there are also those people who never like to get dressed at all. It is very important to always look decent when you are heading out. People constantly pass judgment on a daily basis. Not saying you should dress for others, of course, although you do want to make sure you are well put together. In some cases, people are not able to dress accordingly due to personal or financial matters. Those who fit this category make the best out of an impossible situation, meaning even the very little that they do have can be turned into a very seemly ensemble.

It is easy to personalize your clothing and still look nice. Photo credit: Creative Commons

Sometimes it is not always necessary to be extremely dressed. There are many relaxed days throughout the week that can simply require laid-back clothing. Other than the times someone is planning to go out, on a basic day at home, it is normal to have throw-on clothes that are comfortable for the inside.

Your appearance is your outer look. Your appearance can also represent how you carry yourself as a person.

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Nygeria George

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