Restaurant serves themed hot dogs

By Sean Collins
February 8, 2012

The idea of a restaurant that specializes in hot dogs sounds like a crazy idea, but that is exactly what Hot Diggity does and the crowds are pouring in.

Hot Diggity is surrounded by many other great restaurants. However, what makes Hot Diggity stand out are two things: the fact that it is unique to South Street and its mouthwatering broad range of hotdogs it serves.

Each hotdog has a theme as well as delicious toppings that will make you think twice about a restaurant serving hotdogs. Fresh cut fries are also on the menu as well as several different kinds of dipping sauces.

The interior is well lit and homey while the walls are lined with pictures centered around the restaurant’s theme.

The menu itself is located right above the area where the staff cooks and serves their specialty. This consists of large illustrations of their most popuar hotdogs as well as what to expect on them.

Beyond the success it attracts is a history just as interesting as the main courses.

I ordered the Windy City. This Chicago-themed dog is topped with tomatoes, mustard, electric relish, chopped red onion and is all topped with a pickle spear.

As with the other specialties there, the toppings are what really made it taste great.

“The hotdogs here are like potato chips,” loyal customer and big hotdog fan Georgie Nave, said. “You can’t stop at just one.” Many customers took Nave’s advice.

The second hotdog I ordered was known as the Cincinnati Skyline. Also memorable for its delicious and eye-appealing toppings, the Skyline is topped with chili, nacho cheese, chopped onions and scallions.

“A couple of my friends and I came up with the idea a few years back,” manager and restaurant creator, Keith Garabedian, said. “It really all started out as a joke. We thought there should be a place that makes hotdogs. We seriously thought Philly could use one.”

“I actually do have a culinary background though,” Garabedian said. “I cooked for 12 years. It took roughly a year or two from the birth of the idea to where we, as a restaurant, are right now.”

Although a newcomer to South Street’s long line of food establishments, Hot Diggity contains a strong fan base of several loyal and satisfied customers who keep coming back for more. One thing is for sure, they seem to be raving.

“This is the freshest, most original hotdog to hit this earth,” customer Liz Cardin said.  “I would recommend this place to everyone, although I would prefer to keep all the hotdogs to myself.”

Cardin ordered the Seattle Grunge, a favorite at the restaurant. This dog has toppings such as garlic cream cheese, red onion straws, chopped tomatoes and scallions.

Another interesting feature of Hot Diggity is their “Dog of the Month.” This hotdog is themed after the month it is unique to.

This month, it is none other than the Detroit Coney. This hotdog, is topped with the restaurants famous chili, chopped onions and yellow mustard. This one also tasted great. The chili made it stick out and the onions added a distinct, yet not overpowering, flavor to it.

“The roll itself is toasted to perfection.” customer Kevin Kozenowski said.

Kozenowski ordered the Texas Holdem, a hotdog wrapped in bacon and topped with hot sauce, barbeque sauce, shredded cheese and scallions. “The scallions really top it off,” Kozenowski said. “And the bacon makes it taste amazing.”

Even if hotdogs aren’t your favorite, you should give Hot Diggity a try. The food here needs to be seen (and tasted) to be believed.

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Sean Collins

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