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October 4, 2001

Virgo 8/24 to 9/23

Yep, this is your month and you will really rank it in. Also a gift may inspire you to change your ways.

Libra 9/24 to 10/23

This month you will jump right in. What gives you this sudden burst of courage is unclear but hey, you’re feeling way more yourself than usual.

Scorpio 10/24 to 11/22

This month you’ll be inspired to do something with your hands. Save up the money because your new hobby may end up costing you some major bills.

Sagittarius 11/23 to 12/21

Whatever started this recent weirdness between you and your friends, you can all get over it now. “Friends are forever” is going to have a serious meaning this month.

Capricorn 12/22 to 1/20

“Good things will come your way.”The winds of opportunity are blowing in your direction.

Aquarius 1/21 to 2/19

Thanks to all that studying you left to the last minute, your brain is fried this month.

Pisces 2/20 to 3/20

You normally are the social director, the leader, or the captain…this month you will be surprised by how ell everyone manages without your constant supervision.

Aries 3/21 to 4/20

You have a lot of extra cash this month and the party is just around the corner. Just be careful not to take something or someone for granted while on this streak of good luck.

Taurus 4/21 to 5/21

Look in the mirror. You need to remind yourself exactly who you are this month. It’s cool to get along with everyone, but not to be in agreement with every single word they say.

Gemini 5/22 to 6/21

Stop feeling oh-so-sorry for yourself. No matter what is bother you, one thing is for sure… brooding will not help. Believe it or not, something is coming to cheer you up.

Cancer 6/22 to 7/23

“Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstance.” Once you realize this, your talents will be recognized and rewarded.

Leo 7/24 to 8/23

You’ve been having a roaring good time, haven’t ya? Frolicking while work needed to be done. You need to decide if making excuses is going to become a permanent part of your life.

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