Health tips for the winter & fall seasons

By Kellie Manoppello
October 17, 2012

  • Keeping immune system strong in the chilly months can prevent simple everyday colds from attacking.
  •  Try to get enough sleep because without it the risk of you getting a cold rises. If you cant get about 7 hours of sleep try working naps into your everyday routine, they will help!
  • Layering is your friend! You don’t just need to layer to go in the snow, it can be fashionable too! Girls, try to ditch the summer bandeaus and go for a big comfy sweater over some jeans with boots! Guys, try a warm flannel over a t-shirt because we all know flannels never go out of style!
  • No one likes getting the flu. Whenever you shake someone’s hand, wash yours and get your shots. The local minute clinic at Walgreen’s or CVS is always helpful.
  • Seasonal vegetables always seem to be better in the summer but they’re not so bad in the fall and winter either! Learn to eat your brussels sprouts because they are a great veggie and are very plentiful in the chillier months.
  • Create a routine to relieve stress during midterm and final times. Try to put limits on how long you’re working and give yourself a break if you feel like you need it. Not having stress will help you mentally and physically to stay healthy.
  • Exercise! Just because it’s starting to get cold out doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising! The Dixon center is full of classes that are Free and the track is always open!
  • Common cold! The key to get over the common cold is to drink a lot of liquids such as tea and water. Take or eat something with a lot of Vitamin c such as orange juice. To fight a cold your body takes 2,000mg of Vitamin C a day, so drink up!
  • Stay positive. Seasonal depression can set in during these chillier months and because it gets darker earlier, we tend to feel more depressed without the sunlight.
  • Between halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, be sure to keep food to the right portion size.



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Kellie Manoppello

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