Having an amazing bond with your roommates is important

By Karena McDanel
December 13, 2018

I got so lucky to become best friends with my roommate. Photo by Karena McDanel

 Moving into a dorm with someone you don’t know is such a rush. You don’t know if you and your roommate are going to get along. There’s so many thoughts during move in day that you don’t know what’s going to occur.

This is my sophomore year here at Cabrini University and I got so lucky to become best friends with my roommate Ava DeLong. Having a good bond with your roommate is super important. You’re able to feel more at home when you and your roommate get along.

Ava and I met during our freshman year. We automatically clicked and would hangout all the time. That’s how I got lucky enough to have a best friend as a roommate. Ava is majoring in early education and this is her sophomore year.

Now, we live in a Jack & Jill and we share a bathroom with one other girl, Erin Quill. Ava and I were very excited and nervous to find out if she was going to like us when we first moved in. To find out she didn’t like us, she loved us, we all have became very close friends.

We all hang out, get lunch and dinner together, we go to the lounge to finish up some homework. I’m so happy to have met these wonderful people and get to be roommates with them as well.

I feel like the most important thing to do when having a roommate is being yourself. We learned a lot from each other by being ourselves. We learned how different we all are, and how to keep a friendship new.

However, it’s not all perfect, whenever having a roommate there will forever be a time where you’re going to hit a bump on the road. That’s why whenever there’s a problem we always discuss some ways to fix that. We don’t let anything drag on, we talk about it and move forward.

Whenever there’s a problem we always discuss some ways to fix that. Photo by Karena McDanel

I was able to ask my roommates what their thoughts are about this year having roommates.

“My favorite thing about it is meeting two of my best friends that I would’ve never met.” Erin said. Although, moving in I had no clue who Erin was, but it felt like I’ve known her for so long. She is an amazing person all around and will always be there when you need her.

“Having my friends as my roommates and being around good people.” Ava said. Not only did we all become roommates we became good friends out of it and I cherish every minute of it.

Although some people either have a good roommate or a bad one, at the end of the day they learn a lot about themselves throughout the process. They learned things that they like and what they don’t. I truly believe getting a roommate is huge step to learning a lot about yourself and others.

Karena McDanel

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