Hank Altschuler uses lacrosse to play for his country

By Joseph Pacifico
October 22, 2014

The Cabrini Cavaliers have historically been one of the top Division-III lacrosse programs in the nation. Last season the Blue and White finished 17-2 and 6-0 in CSAC competition last spring. The Cavs had gone on to win their 14th consecutive CSAC title. This conference championship had also helped Cabrini earn their 129th consecutive conference win. Cabrini had concluded the 2014 spring season following a loss to the No.3 seeded Stevenson University in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Hank Israel
Cabrini goalie Hank Altschuler who is also the goalie for the Israel National team, Altschuler looks to bring the leadership he learned this summer back to the Cabrini team. (Cabrini Athletics/Submitted Photo)

The men’s lacrosse program has been very successful over the years due to contributions from key players like Hank Altschuler.

Altschuler, a sophomore communications major, had played a key role for the Cavs last spring. As goalie he recorded 101 saves with a .518 save percentage.

Altschuler said, “as a group we have high expectations to go further in the NCAA tournament this year.”

If you have seen Hank around campus lately you might have noticed that he is wearing a knee brace. On the third day of fall ball practice he had fractured his posterior cruciate ligament.

Fortunately, this injury does not require surgery. Altschuler indicated he will he will be fully recovered in time for the start of the spring season.

With reference to Altschuler’s injury his teammates are very confident that this injury will not affect his performance once the season starts. Senior lacrosse player Matt Ward said, “I am very exited for Hank to rejoin the team.”

Altschuler considers himself to be a leader on the lacrosse field. Altschuler said, “as a goalie I am automatically a leader as I am constantly vocal with my teammates on the field.”

This past summer Altschuler had the opportunity to represent Israel in the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse Championships in Denver.

Because Altschuler has dual citizenship with the United States and Israel, he was one of three active college lacrosse players who were eligible to play in this summers competition for Israel. This was his second appearance playing for Israel’s national team.

Altschuler made his first appearance for the Israeli national team in 2012 at the European Championships in Amsterdam. In the 2012 tournament he helped lead Israel to an 8th place finish.

In the recent 2014 international lacrosse tournament Altschuler had helped his team to a seventh place finish. When asked about his experience this summer, “we exceeded a lot of expectations this summer but we would have liked to have done better,” Altschuler said.

Being able to represent his country at one of the highest levels in lacrosse was without a doubt a big accomplishment for Altschuler.

Altschuler expressed how playing this summer competitively had helped him to better prepare for playing college lacrosse. Altschuler said, “every chance you get to play competitively will definitely help in preparing for the spring season.”

Off of the Lacrosse field Altschuler is well liked by his teammates and classmates. One of Altschuler classmates Ricardo Shepard said.” I think Hank Altschuler is really outgoing, outspoken and is great to work with in a classroom environment.”

The Blue and White have high expectations for this upcoming season and are projected to be one of the top teams in the nation this spring. Altschuler and his teammates are really exited for the season to start.

Joseph Pacifico

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