Halloween is Here

By Savana Harrison
October 25, 2023

Cabrini sign with fall colored flowers
Photo via Cabrini University Flickr
Cabrini sign with fall colored flowers Photo via Cabrini University Flickr

Halloween is a huge commercial holiday, according to History.com, it is the second largest on the list after Christmas. This retail success comes not only from decorations but costumes. Cabrini celebrates this Holiday by dedicating a whole week to festivities, organized by SEaL.

A 2020 CNN.com article by Marianna Cerini explains the Halloween tradition of dressing up was brought to America in the 18th century by Scottish and Irish immigrants. Until recently, most costumes were homemade and often included a face mask made from a painted piece of paper.

Halloween 2023

According to a Billboard article by Latifah Muhammad, the top 10 Halloween costumes for 2023 are Barbie, princess, Spider-Man, witch, fairy, Wednesday Addams, dinosaur, cowboy, ninja, and bunny.

How is Cabrini participating?

Shows a white pumpkin with the Cabrini cavalier logo painted on it.
Pumpkins used to decorate the campus Photo via Cabrini University Flickr

Cabrini University is throwing “Freak Week,” the week of Halloween, and plans activities throughout the week, all organized by SEal. The events start off with Pumpkin Painting on Monday at Grace Hall at 5 p.m. On Wednesday a viewing of “The Nun”, a paranormal movie about a priest and the death of a young Nun will be shown at 7 p.m. in Widener Lecture Hall by CAP Board and BSU. On Thursday there is a Murder Mystery in the Mansion at 6 p.m. held by CAP’s and Without a Cue Productions. According to the email sent out, people who attend will have to try and solve a murder on the Titanic all while enjoying their night of dancing and eating. Halloween Havoc will happen on Thursday at Dixon Gym at 8 p.m., held by the Student Athlete Advisory Council. Hershey Park: Dark Nights will take place on Saturday through SEaL. Tickets are free but limited to 1 per student, and they can be reserved on the 1st floor of Widener. The bus taking everyone to Hershey Park will leave Founders Lot at 5 p.m. Lastly, on Tuesday there will be BOO! BINGO in the Grill of Widener Center at 5 p.m.

Each year in Dixon Center SAC hosts Halloween Havoc. All Cabrini sports team will show off their costumes and compete in a multitude of events. Sophomore field hockey player, Molly McGee, said, “We are going to get old uniforms and rip them up a little bit for our Zombie costumes.”

What are the student’s plans?


Participants dressed as ghosts at Halloween Havoc 2022.
Participants dressed as ghosts at Halloween Havoc 2022 Photo Via Cabrini University Flickr

Many students plan to participate in Halloween in one way or another. Whether it is going to one of these events, dressing up and going out, or in most cases; doing both. Sophomore criminology and sociology student Ashanti Raysor and Sophomore biology major Imari Young are both going to events on campus Halloween weekend but only Ashanti plans to dress up. She is going as Velma from “Scooby Doo” and Foxy Cleopatra, Beyonce’s role from Austin Powers. “Goldmember.”  She bought both of these costumes from an online store and is planning on “going as Velma to Hershey and using the other one for something else.”

Sophomore graphic design major Avasha Watson plans to attend Freak Week’s Hershey Park Dark Nights. As Malibu Barbie, she is embracing this year’s list of top costumes.

Some students have no idea what they will do for Halloween and just want to dress up. Criminal justice major Selena Morales is going as Chucky from “Child’s Play.” Sophomore graphic design major Fransielys Estevez plans to dress up as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”

Have fun and be safe

These students are ready to be involved this upcoming week, but it is still important to be safe and aware of their surroundings. Public Safety is open 24 hours and has a direct line that students can reach at 610-902-8111.

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Savana Harrison

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