Girls: never too old to shed a few tears

By Danielle Feole
April 24, 2008

MCT Campus

Stress, anger, sad scenes of a movie or a sentimental moment, practically anything can make me shed a tear. I used to think being emotional was my weakness, but sometimes a good cry is needed.

If I watch a sad movie or listen to a sad song, you better believe you will see tear drops falling down my cheeks. A long week of stress or an uncalled-for argument with a friend can usually make me tear up, as well.

When you think of the word cry, you probably think being sad goes right along with it, but not necessarily. If I receive a sentimental card or watch someone I’m close to get married, happy tears can always be seen in my eyes. My mom says, I’ve cried everyday since I was born. Crying is often included in my week, but every day is definitely exaggerating.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sad person. In fact, I love my life and I couldn’t be happier. I mean, I do cry a lot, but it will only last a few minutes if something serious has happened. Call me crazy, but I’ll let a good cry out and then be smiling just five minutes later.

Big girls don’t cry is a typical slogan that’s heard all over the world. Girls cry at every age. I see tons of people in college crying all the time. Whether it’s over a broken heart, school, feeling home sick or just turning 21 and shedding drunk tears, I’ve seen it all.

Oh and we can’t forget about the girl who cries for attention. I think people cry for attention a lot when they are in a fight with a boyfriend or a friend, because any person with a heart feels bad for someone who is hysterical. But it’s like the boy who cried wolf. No one is going to keep comforting someone who is clearly shedding crocodile tears.

I may be a little too sensitive at times, but a good cry can be a huge stress reliever after a day where everything goes wrong or that week that just seems never ending.

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Danielle Feole

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