Fran Rafferty’s life after Cabrini basketball

By Helen Maschmeyer
October 15, 2014

Rebounds, foul shots and layups are commonly used words in Fran Rafferty’s vocabulary. Graduating as one of Cabrini’s all-time leading scorers, Rafferty has made a name for himself in the Cabrini community.

Being recruited by Cabrini in high school, Rafferty knew he would be spending his next four years of college playing basketball as a Cabrini Cavalier. But after the basketball season is over and graduation day comes to an end, what is next?

Alumni Fran Rafferty is now an investment accountant. (Jenay Smith/File Photo)
Alumni Fran Rafferty is now an investment accountant. (Jenay Smith/File Photo)

Working in Delaware as an investment accountant for BNY Mellon, Rafferty’s life as he knew it in college has now changed into becoming what is known as the real world today. This means working a 9-5 Monday through Friday as well as commuting to Delaware from Conshohocken daily. Keeping himself preoccupied with a men’s league, Rafferty is still active with his basketball playing.

Aside from his men’s league, you can still find him on campus at the Dixon center as a personal trainier for this year’s Cavaliers.

“He is still very involved in the program,” Men’s basketball player Ryan Charity said.

Completing 1,000 points over his career on the Cabrini Cavaliers, most fans were on the sidelines watching every step of the way.

Katie Smith, Rafferty’s girlfriend said, “He was the type of player that made you look forward to watching the game.”

Although Rafferty made quite the accomplishment, he was his harshest critic.

“It was a pretty cool feeling when I scored my thousandth point, but as far as where I finished I wasn’t really happy about it because of how our season ended last year,” Rafferty said. “It was the earliest finish of my career and I felt that our team had plenty of power to move forward onto a fourth straight Sweet 16.”

Unfortunately during his last year, his career on the Cabrini Cavaliers had been cut short.

When asked about how this season will play out for the Cabrini Cavaliers Rafferty said, “I think it is going to be very interesting. Obviously national player Aaron Walton Moss coming back is a huge help and one of my favorite teammates.”

Still being part of the Cabrini community, Rafferty hopes to make as many games as he can with his busy schedule.

“I will be there when I can. It is going to be weird sitting on the other side of the floor but I’m really excited for the Cavaliers this season,” Rafferty said.

Although Rafferty has entered a new chapter of his life, he will never forget how much the Cabrini community helped shape his character. Being part of the Cabrini Cavaliers was more then just a highlight of college.

Rafferty said, “They were my brothers, my home away from home.”

Helen Maschmeyer

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