Founder’s Day: passed before we knew it

By Editorial Board
February 15, 2001

Founder’s Day, the new annual day of celebration of the extraordinary contributions of Mother Ursula Infante to the Cabrini community will be set aside as Feb. 18. The college will celebrate and honor all of the hard work, abundant dedication, and timeless amount of hours our foundress Sister Infante continues to provide for Cabrini College after 44 years.

The initial celebration of Founder’s Day passed silently as the festivities have been postponed until Feb. 27, nine days after the official day of the annual event.

Sister Infante celebrated her 104th birthday on Feb. 18 but the college will not celebrate her birthday until Feb. 27 in order to allow her time with her family.

The delaying of her well-deserved recognition for Founder’s Day and celebration of her birthday is a neglect action walking the fine line of loyalty and respect.

A letter released from the president’s office invites the community to join the celebration of her birthday and the commencing of Founder’s Day on the 27. but where is the prioritizing or administrative planning?

Cabrini College is possibly the most important thing in the life of Sister Infante and waiting to celebrate the foundress’ birthday until Feb. 27 is directing lacking the outstanding appreciation due to this woman.

Mistakes sometimes happen when it comes to planning, yet scheduling a 104-year-old religious’ birthday party nine days late is embarrassing. The foremost conclusions are that administrative meetings may take precedence over this milestone. Though certain “key players” may be out of town or the mansion was booked five years ago, the schedule should be juggled for our founding president.

The letter states that the college will institute Founder’s Day as Feb. 18. It is unfortunate that the college administration was unable to plan the initial celebration of Founder’s Day on the actual birthday of its founder. Why did the administration wait two days before Sister Infante’s birthday to announce this “wonderful new Cabrini tradition” to the college family?

Other than daily prayers and reading, Sister Infante is relatively free during most weekday afternoons. She is certainly available to visitors and others who may call and like to share in her special moment.

Next year it will be interesting to see when the campus will celebrate Founder’s Day.

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Editorial Board

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