First Lady fashion

By Madison Milano
October 31, 2012

Being First Lady, or potential First Lady, is like being a moving target. The eyes of the public are always on you. While President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been rallying and debating, the media has been focused on Michelle Obama and Ann Romney too. They both play vital roles to their husbands’ campaign, but what they wear is somehow always worked into conversation.

 In the past four years, Michelle Obama has always made a statement about what she wears. She can usually be seen in neutral colors or patterns, though sometimes sporting a vibrant color. When she entered the political scene in 2007 she was seen as both sophisticated and modern, wearing emerging designers and J.Crew and H&M. Mrs. Obama’s style usually includes cropped cardigans, unique belts and full skirted dresses.

Michelle Obama has also been come to be known for her toned arms. She will often wear something that accentuates them and doesn’t cover them up.

Ann Romney does not seem so much interested with the current trends as she is the colors, fabrics and patterns that catch the eye. She knows what works well with her skin tone and body and in on point with the execution. She may not have a signature, like Michelle, but she does have an interest for fashion.

One important way that fashion is making it into the election season was seen during the second presidential debate on Oct. 16. While their husbands were battling it out on stage, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both wore the same shade of pink, dubbed “pepto pink” or “bubblegum pink” in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Since Ann Romney battled with breast cancer, this was an especially important moment for her.

In 2008, Michelle Obama wore a white chiffon one-shoulder gown made by now known designer Jason Wu for the Inaugural Ball.  Expect her to wear something similar in cut, yet different in style if President Obama wins his second term. Her typical style of full skirt and bare arms should still be seen but she may go for a more vibrant color. As for Ann Romney, expect to see a bold yet still conservative choice of gown if Mitt Romney wins.


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Madison Milano

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