He gives a face to those who made your clothes

By Stephanie Diegel
May 9, 2014

Kelsey Timmerman has a wife and two kids and lives in Indiana with his family. He is a man who wanted to travel the world and find out where everyday things like clothes or food came from. He loves to experience new people and learn about their stories. He is a speaker and a writer. He has written two books, “Where Am I Wearing” and “Where Am I Eating.” When he does travel the country he stops and talks to people about the importance of educating students and learning the importance of where their clothes and food are coming from. He is usually speaking at universities or high schools across the United States.

In his book “Where Am I Wearing?” he travels the world to find where his clothes came from. He tells the readers the stories behind each of the people that he has meet over his journey. He traveled to Honduras, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China to find who or what factory made his favorite clothes. His story was not politically based like many people believed it would be. It was supposed to be a fun inside look into how his favorite shirt, sandals, boxers, or jeans were made. He was able to travel into the factories and see face to face who made his clothes. It is a good story to learn where certain articles of clothing are from.

His book has opened the eyes to many people that have the same questions that he has had. As a Fair Trade advocate he travels the world and gives many people an insight into what is happening behind the scenes. He is a role model to many people and is hoping to keep his travels up and keep visiting school and talking to people about how they can make a difference by learning the little things about where their clothes and everyday things are from.

Stephanie Diegel

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