Editorial: One special day, one big world

By Editorial Board
November 9, 2000

Students went to events on Cabrini Day. Students actively participated in events on Cabrini Day. Attendance sheets show that over 600 students attended various events held on campus last Thursday in honor of the college’s patroness, Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. Students enjoyed the fact that the events were not labeled as mandatory, but rather optional for possible extra credit.

Cabrini Day is held as a day of alternative education. Its workshops were planned and designed to help students to learn more about injustice, poverty and intolerance in the world. This year’s theme was immigration and how Saint Frances Cabrini had an impact on the millions of people who immigrated to the United States. Often it is a stretch for students to be able to expand their minds beyond the limits of America and see the global society in which we live. There is not as much coverage of foreign issues on television news broadcasts as compared with domestic ones. Students have grown up in an America-centered society. The choice of workshops helped to make students aware of the many issues facing the global society.

Cabrini Day is a unique experience. Not all colleges and universities have similar days, programs or events to aid its students in being well-rounded and open-minded thinkers. This day was an informative and insightful one into the issues that were dealt with in Saint Frances Cabrini’s day and that are still being dealt with today.

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Editorial Board

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