Editorial: Giving back-the greatest gift of all

By Editorial Board
April 26, 2001

Sometimes it’s not the gifts we receive that make us truly happy, it’s the gifts that we give. During our first days as Cabrini students, it was instilled in our minds that giving back to the community in which we are a product of, is the one true way that we can share our lives with the people around us. As freshman we go through a community service program called “Education of the Heart.” Throughout the area, Cabrini students are scattered into homes, shelters and convents in an attempt to make those who are not afforded the same lifestlye as us feel as if they are on top of the world.

The recipients of the service are extremely greatful for what the students have done for them and it is an experience that many of them will remember for a very long time. At the same time the students begin to learn a little more about themselves as well as the other students who go along with them on these services. It’s a chance for the student to fully realize that not everyone is as well off as they are and that sometimes having something that we see as trivial as company is a wonderful thing that should be appreciated by everyone.

In the coming weeks, the graduating class of Cabrini will be participating in another day of service. It’s a chance for them bond together again as a class and relearn some of the invaluable life lessons that they experienced four years ago.

Community service isn’t something that can only be done through an organization or through a college. Working in a soup kitchen is just a more tangible instance of service but something as simple as helping someone load groceries into the trunk of their car can mean a lot to another person.

Today we tend to focus on random acts of violence that occur in our neighborhoods, it’s time now to focus on random acts of kindness.

From our early years of childhood we our taught to share, but it is not always the easiest thing for us to do. Parting ways with a G.I. Joe action figure or a Barbie doll for even the briefest of moments can feel like an eternity. It’s funny how 15 or so years later we our put in the same situation, except this time around it’s not a doll that we have to part with, it’s our time. Community service is a selfless deed, don’t worry about what you’re losing and instead think of what you’re gaining. For one moment think of a world without possessions, as John Lennon said, “I wonder if you can.”

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Editorial Board

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