Editorial: Entering job market provokes students’ anxiety

By Editorial Board
October 7, 2005

For the typical college student, time has been flying since the first day of high school. The first day of high school was such an anticipated moment because students broke free from a plethora of previous restrictions that no longer applied in high school.

Once many of us grew accustomed to high school, however, we were quickly ready to move on to the next step. High school grew old and tedious for the majority of students and the expectations for college began to sink in.

Selecting a college was exciting because it was almost as if it was a rebirth. New people, new places and a new start on being the person you want to be. Upon the first year of college, many students struggled to find themselves. It was necessary to pick a major, find friends and establish some credibility for the real world.

The real world? The real world was an aspect that not too many students contemplated when they first enrolled at school. Of course people pick majors and think about their plans for the future before they enter college, but it is such a long time from freshman year. There is plenty of time to relax.

But before you know it, just as graduation crept-up in high school, it does the same in college. This time, however, for many there is no additional four years to relax. Once a student receives that degree after completing the 123 credits required to graduate, there is no turning back.

It is interesting because during high school, students commonly complained about how sick of school they are and how they cannot wait to leave. On the contrary, in college, it is quite normal to hear an average student request to go back to high school. Unless your name is Marty McFly and Doc designed a time machine for you, we all know going back to high school is not possible.

So what is next? This question lurks in the back of students’ minds from approximately sophomore year until graduation. Students make decisions, change decisions, reevaluate themselves, look for guidance and bite their nails.

Even the most confident college student that received a sign from God about what their future holds occasionally questions whether what they are doing is what they are supposed to be doing. For many others, occasionally questioning life plans would be a blessing.

Many college students wrestle with their future aspirations every hour of every day; not to mention the hassle inflicted by parents and loved ones. The perplexing aspect is that college has a reputation for being a “laid back” environment most of the time.

Students frequently forget that the money for tuition is exorbitant and the pressure to perform is at full throttle. Dealing with this type of pressure is what makes college students special, however.

For the most part, they remain calm and patient even though there is over $100 thousand riding on education. The money is recognized, but if that is all students thought about, insanity would be sure to follow. So all that can be said is good luck to all the students trying to find their path in life. Stay sane and try not to let the pressure overpower a great college experience. Let’s hope the saying, “whatever is meant to be will be” occurs in all of our future experiences.

Posted to the web by Shane Evans

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Editorial Board

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