Editorial: Cherish the spirit, not just the victories

By Laura Hancq
March 21, 2012

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If you were on campus this past weekend, you can probably still feel the electric current that was pumping through those watching the men’s basketball team on their historic trip to the final round of the NCAA Division III Tournament in Salem, Va. The immense excitement as well as the incredible pride felt by all those participating in the events down in Salem as well as watching here at Cabrini, was palpable and unforgettable. Here on The Loquitur, we want to encourage the Cabrini community to remember that level of school spirit and to keep it going.

Although the action of the weekend took place down in Va., those who watched the live stream in the Widener Lecture Hall and those who saw the videos of the reaction in Widener after the buzzer beating victory by the Cavaliers can attest that there has probably never been more sense of excitement over being from or associated with Cabrini College. Those of us Loquitur editors who were in attendance to watch the stream can say that we have never been more proud or excited to be Cavaliers, during both nights, whether the outcome was win or lose. For us proud fans, it isn’t about whether we won or lost but how good it felt to have excitement on campus and be united with spirit.

To come together with the community, including fellow students, faculty, staff and friends of the school and bond over a common goal of winning a championship, as well as being recognized by the media and having them portray this environment of pride and spirit to the Philadelphia area, is something we want to remember but also see continue. Whether or not we are fortunate enough to have an athletic team going to the national championship to root for we can keep that sense of pride up.

The editorial in the last issue of The Loquitur discussed how we as a college can be very proud of our hardworking athletes, despite not being a big name Division I athletic school. While we do have much to be proud of in that department, we, as an editorial staff, would like to stress that we can have that school spirit for Cabrini in general, every day.

Obviously we are not Penn State or a school of that caliber when it comes to number of students and athletic programs. We do not have the sheer number of students to make this campus a buzzing city within itself. But does that mean we cannot have the same sense of community that a school of that sort does? Why not? So what if we do not have football games in the fall? We do have exciting athletics, all year, a passionate faculty/staff and students who are committed to making Cabrini a certain kind of college experience, a special, unique one that we can all be excited about.

Here is why we believe we can carry that sense of school spirit all year and possibly even more than other places: Cabrini is a community where everyone counts; everyone is called to participate and make this place better. You are not a number; you are a face with a name. There is nothing wrong with a big institution, but at Cabrini you can be guaranteed that you were chosen to participate in and make this community stronger. That is something to be celebrated all year during your tenure here.

The Loquitur editorial staff would like to congratulate the Cabrini men’s basketball team on their incredible run in the NCAA tournament but mostly for igniting and re-invigorating our sense of pride in being Cavaliers. Now, it is our turn, each person who is called to be a member of this community, to live it everyday and keep the spirit alive.

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Laura Hancq

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