By Editorial Board
December 6, 2001

Throughout this semester The Loquitur has been busy trying to keep its readers current with any new information surrounding “America’s New War,” or whatever you would like to call it. After the Sept. 11 attacks patriotism seemed to skyrocket. If you wanted to buy a flag, you were out of luck because the stores were all sold out. Nearly three months later the question that has come to fruition is: Are Americans sincere in their actions or are they taking part in a passing trend?

First, let us define what we are calling “patriotism.” We are not diving into the deep waters of what it is called to be a true patriot. What we are doing is categorizing patriotism by the outward support that the country has shown. Outward support meaning the flags that are flying from peoples homes and the flag decals and stickers covering cars.

While people across the country seem proud to show that they are Americans, do they know what they are supporting? Is this small effort enough? And is this just a passing fad, will it fade out?

Not everyone has the opportunity that other people are afforded in life. For some, learning about current events can be a very difficult task. It, like history, is confusing. With names like Osama bin Laden and the people of Al Qaeda floating around, it isn’t easy to stay readily informed. That, however, isn’t a reason not to support our country. An under-educated person or a person who just doesn’t have the time to learn all of this new information should not be held back from showing their support.

People who put a flag out or wear a red, white and blue shirt, feel like they are doing something, small though it may be. Sure there are more extreme things that they could do, like enroll in the draft for one, but for many that is not a feasible option.

Like anything else, this outpouring of patriotism could run its course. But that’s not to say that it is not important now. On a whole, the United States does support our war effort, unlike the division that we encountered during Vietnam.

The Loquitur does support the nation’s war effort and as a majority we do realize the importance of showing our nation’s colors. For our final issue this year we leave you, the reader, with a look back at Pearl Harbor, another one of America’s most tragic, yet defining moments. We came together then, and we are coming together now. We’ll see you next year.

The Loquitur editorial board voted for this editorial by a vote of 7 to 6.

The editorials, viewpoints, opinions and letters to the editor published in Loquitur are the views of the student editorial board and the individual writers, not the entire student body or the faculty and administration.

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Editorial Board

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