Drinking policy enforced

By Beth Ann Conahan
September 20, 2001

Justine DiFilippo

by Beth Conahan

news editor

Before you chug that next beer you might want to know what the consequences could be. Binge drinking can kill, injure, or leave a person at risk of assault. It is a story that finds its way into our news, another young person that dies of alcohol poisoning. It is an issue that college administrators must face each year as the statistics of young people who take part in binge drinking remains grim.

It is the terrible consequences of binge drinking that have led our own administrators to create written policies and procedures to enforce a healthy environment on campus.

Students received copies of the Department of Public Safety’s Policies and Procedures for the year as well as copies of the Student Handbook, which if commuters have not yet received will shortly find in their mailboxes. These two publications are intended to clearly lay out the rules and consequences the administration has set for the student body.

Charlie Schaffner, the director of public safety, is not na

Beth Ann Conahan

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