Cru5h vs Sandella’s: students weigh in

By Evans Baker
March 30, 2020

What is one of the most important things to an average college student that isn’t how well your doing classes and how much sleep they are getting? Food, glorious food.

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, Cabrini introduced a new dining option called ‘CRU5H.’ Cru5h’s five menus offered students plenty of options.. This new dining hall was to replace the old coffee shop known as the Bean and a food service cafe known as Sandella’s. The Cafe sold flatbreads, burritos, quesadillas and other healthy food options which is what it was known for. Although the Bean still exists in Cru5h now, Sandella’s is now just a memory along with all some of its food items. Although, with Cru5h’s new menu with brand-new items and many options, some students are not very happy with this new dining option. 

Cru5h, the new Cabrini dining option, but does everyone like it? Photo by Evans Baker

“I just feel like Cru5h has, no offense, fake food,” Nicole Bydalek, a sophomore education major, said. Bydalek says that she would much rather prefer the food from Sandella’s because the food was prepared fresh in front of her. However with Cru5h almost all the food options come in frozen bags and are reheated on a stovetop or a fryer with a whole bunch of grease on it. 

“Don’t get me wrong, Cru5h Isn’t bad, I don’t mind Cru5h but I did enjoy the pepperoni pizzas that Sandella’s had,” Joe Hagan, sophomore, said. Many students like Hegan have the same thoughts. Once again when Sandella’s was dismantled, some of the food options like the pizza were also tossed out the window as well to make room for Cru5h’s new menu.

Cru5h’s new dining hall, full of brand new furniture. Photo by Evans Baker

“I like the food but I feel like it doesn’t fill me up all the time,” Joseph Gallo, a transfer student at Cabrini, said. Being a transfer student, Gallo did not actually get to experience Sandella’s firsthand but does agree that some of the healthier options should make a return to be sold Cru5h. Gallo would also like to make a note the portions at Cru5h are too small for him and that Sodexo should add more portions.

The new ordering system at Cru5h. While there is supposed to be a faster way to order food, many problems have occurred since the grand opening. Photo by Evans Baker

With the introduction of Cru5h in the farewell to many students have mixed opinions about the new dining option. Cru5h does seem to be doing well at this time and does have a much wider variety of meals and snacks then Sandella’s and the old version of the Bean ever did have. 

Another issue that has been going on for a while is that the only way to order one’s food is to order it from a machine tablet. When one is done ordering a meal, the machine prints out a ticket. You would bring it to the cashier and then pay for your food. However, these machines are likely to break down at certain points during the day, causing problems for both workers and students.

Also, another problem is that the staff can get a person’s order wrong. This has happened to many students who either have to take the wrong order or have to go back and ask them to remake the meal they wanted. The student has to wait a certain amount of time it would take for the meal to cook again. 

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Evans Baker

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