Dexter takes on another season with epic changes

By Starlene Soler
November 16, 2011

With a whole new season of killers presented early in the season and plotline changes, Dexter’s 6th season is gaining mixed reviews from audiences. Dexter airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.


Dexter Morgan, played by Michael  C. Hall, is the best blood spatter analyst in Miami and also happens to be the world’s best serial killer.

The sixth season of Dexter aired on Oct. 11 introducing two new killers for Dexter to hunt. This season, unlike some seasons in the past, introduces the killers early and shows you exactly who they are. Season six also has different themes that are introduced to viewers for the first time.

One reoccurring theme that seems to be shown in the early episodes is religion. The two killers seem to be relating their kills to religion. Dexter also makes a new friend, Brother Sam, and even Dexter wonders whether or not he should start to believe in something greater than himself.

Another reoccurring theme is the reference dating back to the Ice Truck Killer. Although the show has hinted that the Ice Truck Killer is somehow going to be related to this season, it’s not clear exactly how yet.

Overall, the series has been just fair; however, there have been some mixed reviews. Some people aren’t entirely thrilled that the killer has been introduced so close to the beginning of the season, and would rather try and figure out who the killer is for themselves, kind of like the first season with the Ice Truck Killer. Although there were hints as to who the killer could be, it isn’t made clear until the scene where the doll with the ribbons tied around it is next to Rudy (Brian’s) hand.

Another popular change in this season is Debra Morgan’s new position as lieutenant. This gives the chase a whole different view.

Because the viewers are so used to seeing Deb, played by Jennifer Carpenter, in the streets and in the middle of the action, it’s different to see her cooped up in an office behind a desk filing through paper work. Seeing Deb take down suspects were some of the most comical and exciting scenes in the show.

Some wonder if it’s possible that Deb will eventually back down from her position as lieutenant and end up giving the job to Batista, David Zayas, who the position was originally for in the first place.  This would put Deb back in the streets and into the action, making her one of the best detectives on the streets of Miami once again.

One thing that might have caught the audience off guard was Quinn’s proposal to Deb, leading to their break-up. This was good and bad on a few different levels.

The break-up goes well with the fact that Deb made lieutenant, but doesn’t go well with the hopes of seeing Deb going back to detective. Quinn and Deb went well together because they were both great detectives that were passionate about their jobs, and even more passionate about their relationship. Unfortunately for Quinn, he didn’t realize that Deb isn’t the type of person that likes change.

In the season with the Ice Truck Killer, (season one) Rudy proposed to Deb and then tried to kill her minutes later, so it makes perfect sense that Deb doesn’t exactly want to say yes when she is proposed to for a second time.

The season looks promising and seems to be going in a good direction, giving audiences the impression that Dexter season six will be a good one.

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Starlene Soler

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