Deep blue something: Burning a Past

By Kenneth Baumbach
February 21, 2002

photo from cd cover

After time away, spent on creative song writing and constant playing, the Texas-based rock band Deepbluesomething is back with a brand new self-entitled album. It is the band’s first album since their breakthrough album “Home,” which sold over 2 million units worldwide and featured the hit single “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The album was distributed on the EMI-distributed Aerza Records and is in stores now.

Deepbluesomething originated in the early ’90s at the University of North Texas. Two brothers, Todd and Toby Pipes, started the band along with John Kirtland and Clay Bergus. After local and regional success, they rose to national success with the album “Home,” once the major record label Interscope picked it up. Interscope, who had heard their hit “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” was immediately interested in the band and quickly signed them. The album was then re-released globally and became a smash hit. The single “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was popular worldwide, even reaching the #1 spot in the United Kingdom. The band toured extensively all over the globe in support of their breakthrough album but eventually felt the need to get back to creating songs they liked and yearned to escape from the pressure of the corporate formula of trying to create “hits” and chose to part ways with Interscope before releasing their new album.

Their new album features a new distinct sound for the band. Gone is the catchy upbeat pop sound of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” They are no longer, it seems, as concerned with creating pop hits, but instead creating music that is more serious and more personal. Songs such as “Military Man” and “Page Me Wolverine” are some of the highlights in the album with their unique sounds and lyrics. The band has taken what they call a “Beatlesque” approach to their music, meaning that they are more concerned about creating albums that are technically sound and original, instead of touring. The album is a collaboration of work consisting of self-produced tracks as well as production renderings done by Charles Fisher who has worked with bands such as Savage Garden and Hoodoo Gurus. Mixing the album is Time Palmer who has worked with bands such as U2 and Pearl Jam.

Although the band is not currently touring, they have been very busy trying to promote their new album. They have participated in extensive radio campaigns as well as numerous press campaigns in light of their album release. Deep Blue Something is also on the bill for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. They will perform on February 21, playing an acoustic set at the McKay Event Center on the Utah Valley State College campus, which is located in Orem. The band is looking forward to the performance, and they will be in good company with the likes of Joan Osborne and Shawn Colvin, among many other famous names in the music industry.

Their new album is an obvious attempt by the band to try and escape the one-hit-wonder status of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that they received. Whether their new album will be taken seriously or not has yet to be determined. With a new sound and attitude, Deepbluesomething is trying to get away from eating breakfast at a certain girl’s house, and is trying to move on and grow as a band.

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Kenneth Baumbach

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