Students receive advice on dating

By Kristine Semptimphelter
February 1, 2012

The dating coaches talks to students in Grace Hall and demonstrates dating tips to students and entertaining them for the evening.

College dating coaches, Dave Ahdott and Ethan Fixell, spoke to students in Jazzman’s Café on Monday, Jan. 23. In Grace Hall, Dave and Ethan introduced themselves and shared their awareness of campus social life.

Ahdott made a mockery of girls on campus wearing only leggings, Ugg boots and North Face jackets, which are known to be a Cabrini girl’s daily outfit. They had the crowd roaring once they cracked a few more jokes of Jazzman’s Café and an off-campus regular hot spot, Brownies.

Ahdott and Fixell are two lifelong friends who met when they were in middle school. The two friends embarked on a quest for love, by posting an ad on YouTube, in March of 2008.

As luck would have it they received thousands of responses. Now, nearly 200 double dates later, Ahdott and Fixell have become college dating coaches.

They gained a wealth of experience from being on 200 double dates together. They essentially learned how to master the first date and everything in between. Having trouble dating as young college students themselves they decided to travel the country from universities to colleges and share their experiences with young college students.

“What made their coaching experience so special from D&E was their attentiveness to adapt to the surroundings and lifestyle of campus life,” Kim Perry, junior physiology major, said.

Brandon Mazepa, sophomore history major, was one of the few lucky students who volunteered on stage for the show.

Mazepa participated in an old fashioned dating game where one lucky lady was to choose her bachelor of choice by only asking questions. When asked if he could be any kind of cereal, which one and why, Mazepa’s answer stole the show.

“I would be Captain Crunch,” Mazepa said, “because I like to take control.” That answer led Mazepa to be chosen as the final bachelor and winner of the fake dating game.

Although the other two bachelors may not have won the heart of our lady contestant, they still didn’t go home empty-handed.

Ahdott and Fixell shared their experiences and advice for all types of dating.

The first kiss act involved Dave sexually assaulting a kiwi. Well, almost. Dave demonstrated how to practice your kissing skills on a prop such as a kiwi. The kiwi, which he named Martha, ended up half eaten and all over the floor once Dave was finished demonstrating.

“Overall I found the whole show interesting,” Mazepa said. “Originally I only came because my friends asked me to go, but overall I found it fun and humorous.”

Ahdott and Fixell pranced around the empty room engaging in laughter and horseplay.

With dating becoming so serious in today’s world, Dave and Ethan take the time to remind you that humor is the key ingredient in a happy relationship. They share a trait that not every average guy can show and that’s being an overall well-rounded guy.

That’s all the coaching that Cabrini needed, to know that there are good relationships out there. You just have to be willing to look for them.

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Kristine Semptimphelter

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