Cyber Vibe

By Brett Lockbaum
December 10, 2012


“Panorama” is a great app for taking pictures. If you can’t fit what you want into one picture this app lets you take multiple pictures right next to each other to create it into one combined picture. Sometimes it could be a pain lining it up but it helps you by adding a transparent edge of your previous picture.


“The Big Lead” is a sports blog but not just any blog that just recaps every game. This blog only runs the best highlights, and the most interesting plays of the week. This blog also has videos and pictures that they display. These blogs also go over bloopers and sometimes even celebrities. This is a great blog to keep you posted on sports.

 Viral Video

If you ever want to take a ten minute break from your finals and want a little laugh watch the, “Extremely Scary Ghost Prank in Brazil” video. This will make you laugh over again and maybe even take off some of the stress that you have this week. The reactions to this prank are hilarious. Take some time and check it out!

Brett Lockbaum

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