Commuter Appreciation Week gives back to the college’s commuters

By Angelica Little
April 27, 2016

Commuter Week at Cabrini took place Sunday, April 10 until Thursday, April 14. This week gave commuters the opportunity to meet other students who attend Cabrini College that they never knew existed.

Graphic designed by Angelica Little.
Graphic designed by Angelica Little.

The week consisted of karaoke in Jazzman’s, a tweet chat and a breakfast in Founders. Every event was tailored to making commuters feel more appreciated and a part of the Cabrini College Community.

The hashtags that were used during commuter week were #CCSummer16, #CCCommuterWeek and #CavsYearinReview. Students would tweet out using these hashtags to share with others what was happening during commuters week.

On a daily basis, commuters might have a difficult time interacting with other students unless they are in the same classes as them. Commuters go to school for classes, grab a quick bite to eat at Jazzman’s and do not return to campus until they have to.

The twitter page created for commuters helps inform commuters on daily events that occur on campus, helping them to stay in the loop. The twitter page also platforms as a place for commuters to get to know other students who are in the same position as them.

Katie Kucia, a freshman marketing major, said, “I enjoy commuter week because it gives me a chance to meet other commuters and talk to those who feel the same way I do.”

Although, not all commuters feel that they are connected to the school. Some believe that they are not socially connected to the school because friendships are only made with those who are in the same classes as them.

Commuter week is only a week out of an entire semester, and it falls closer to the end of the semester rather than the beginning. This makes it harder for students to make friends when the summer break is approaching, and no real connections have been made.

Kucia said, “The one struggle I face with being a commuter is the fact that socially it is hard to connect with kids that I do not have classes with.”

Junior psychology and criminology major Samantha Simarelli lived on campus her freshman and sophomore year before choosing to commute to Cabrini.

Graphic designed by Angelica Little.
Graphic designed by Angelica Little.

“I was nervous leaving because I thought I was going to miss out on everything at school, but I’ve been able to keep up with all the activities that happen on campus,” Simarelli said. “I’m good with staying in contact with my friends who live on campus.”

Dan Luner, the Commuter Engagement intern in the SEaL office, is in charge of making the commuter student body feel engaged, welcomed and involved.

“I was initially laying the groundwork for future years and just watching how the week went in order to make solid feedback,” Luner said.

The week was tailored to meet the needs of the commuters by making the times of the events “commuter-friendly.”

“The events are earlier,” Luner said. “A lot of commuter students often intend to get involved but get discouraged by events that are late at night.”

There were positive turnouts for the events and enough feedback from the commuter population that will allow SEaL to create even better Commuter Appreciation weeks as time goes on.

Luner also believes that in order for the week to get better, it will take more than just SEaL’s ideas and recommendations. He encourages any Cabrini commuters to come forth.

“We want to add in what the commuters want to add in! So if any commuters have ideas or events they’d like to see, email us: Or connect with us on our social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions,” Luner said.

Angelica Little

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