New website is go-to for college students

By Allie Jeter
March 13, 2012

Do you want to know the best colleges to go to? Do you want to know all the information you need for attending or choosing the right college? Then CollegeCellar is the site for you. is a website that provides you “with the most vital information on and around your campus.” The site was started by Justin Gellar in late 2010 while he was staring down at a pile of old college textbooks.

“CollegeCellar is your one-stop shop for information around your campus,” Gellar said.

Gellar is the type of person who has a lot of ideas up his sleeve and shared his new ideas to his brother, Scott Gellar.

Scott is presently a computer science major and decisively put into movement. In November 2011, Scott spent the majority of his free time working on this website. During his winter break, he continuously worked on the program while holding down a full-time position as a Best Buy Geek Squad member.

Everything was installed and created by early January 2012. The first version of the site was launched in early February 2012. Justin has continued to be a part of by being financially stable as well as managing the marketing and promotion of the trade.

“Our five-year plan is to work with local companies to offer discounts to students who use as a resource,” Gellar said. “First and foremost, we want to build up our site to operate as a college community forum. Currently, we offer a review section, where you can review on/off campus housing, eateries and bars.”

“Our post section is an even larger value to students because it offers a place to buy, sell and trade books as well as things they don’t need any more,” Geller said. For example, a senior selling a mini-fridge. After that, we will concentrate on working out deals with multiple companies in and around the college community.”

The website describes it in the best way possible, making it fun and easy for future customers to understand. The site also has a Facebook like page. It says, “Welcome to the site that provides you with the most vital information in and around your campus. Girlfriend or boyfriend in town for the night and you need to know who has the best dining experience in town? Check out our review section and don’t forget to add your own feedback as well.”

“Better yet, you want to get rid of those text books from last semester? (We know you’ll never look at them again.) Check out our post section, which will allow you to buy, sell or trade books locally with peers at your school. Graduating but not ready to leave the party? Find a new roommate for the new apartment you just rented. We have you covered and if we don’t, contact us. Our ears are always open for suggestions.”

Right now, Gellar has a very busy life. A typical day for Gellar consist of waking up at 6 a.m. and checking CollegeCellar’s social media sites.

“I usually try to add something interesting at least once a day,” Gellar said. “From there, I work a full-time job working between 40-50 hours a week. After work I jump back on our social media sites and see what’s going on at local colleges.”

“I spend about 10 minutes to an hour speaking with Scott about any new information pertaining to the site. I also work on setting up promotions and advertising.”

Gellar’s nights consist of checking the site’s analytics which explains vital information pertaining to users.

“During these early stages, it’s really only about introducing students to the site and letting them know it’s a site for them,” Gellar said.


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Allie Jeter

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