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November 30, 2000

University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska has had a clean air act policy since 1988. In 1993, they revised it and called it the Tobacco Free Campus Policy. All smokers are allowed to use tobacco products as long as they are 10 feet from any facility entrance or work site.

Recently, there has been a concern because smokers were standing inside of the 10-foot allowance. The school has instructed landscapers to move the ashtrays outside of the 10-foot allowance to encourage smokers to go there.

Indiana University

Indiana U. senior Laura Hammer was counting on an $800 check promised to her by is an academic web site which offers class notes to about 150 colleges nationwide. This company also offers payment to those who submit notes.

After months of emails saying she would be paid, one email stated that the company could not afford to pay her and 30 other students. They say they do not have the money in their budget.

University of Michigan

Byung-Soo Kim had a blood alcohol level of 0.39 which is 4 times that of the legal drunken driving limit. It was his 21st birthday and Kim drank 20 shots in 10 minutes. He is now in critical condition at the hospital after students at the party noticed Kim was not breathing and turning blue after he passed out.

“Students have to realize the results of this kind of drinking” said the dean of students.

Bradley McCue was a Michigan State student who died in 1998 after drinking 24 shots in a 90 min time period. This was also on his 21st birthday; he had a B.A.L. of 0.44 percent.

Marquette University

In a survey conducted by the Marquette tribune, 174 students admitted to voting more then once in the November 7 elections. Out of the 174 students, 91 reported voting by absentee ballot in another state, and then voting once again in Milwaukee County.

Forty-four students reported voting two times. Twenty-six reported voting three times. Thirteen students reported voting four or more times.

Beaver College

Beaver College announced on Nov. 20 that it will change its name to Arcadia University. The change of name comes in hopes for a change in the declining enrollment that was attributed to the old name. Officials also hope that the school will no longer be the butt of joke from late-night television comedians like David Letterman and Conan O’Brien. Research shows that it appealed to 30 percent fewer students because of its name.

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