College students take advantage of virtual online learning during snow days

By Jyair Fields
March 3, 2021

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Having a snow day in college is something that mostly everyone loves to have. It is a day full of refreshing your mind, relaxing, playing video games, catching up on school assignments and having fun hanging out on campus with friends playing in the snow. 

“Snow days has always been my favorite ever since middle school,” Keith Blassingale, senior marketing major, said. “This is the only time I’m able to get caught up on my schoolwork or even get ahead of everyone else. My favorite thing to do is play my Xbox when I’m finished my work. I enjoy making snowmen and sledding with friends in the Dixon parking lot. Having at least one snow day each year has helped me pass my classes, honestly.” 

It may not be shocking, but many students are not even mad at all that they missed their classes. 

“I was so happy to receive that email two days in a row that classes will be virtually,” Christopher Cropper, sophomore education major, said. “Those two days is all I needed to avoid stress. School has always been my thing, but college is different with so much work to do. I feel like there is no breaks unless it snows so I thank mother nature and hope to have more snow days just to give me more peace. 

Some students did not like the fact that it snowed, and they had to miss class.  

“I was upset to not have class for my in-person class,” Nakayla Quattlebaum, international business major, said. “I pay all of this money just to do virtual online class and it already stresses me out. I don’t even wake up and drink my coffee in the morning as I used to because my car has so much snow on it. Me going to class physically helps take the stress away because I can participate and discuss with my fellow classmates.” 

Our department has shovels ready for students to use,” Joseph Fusco, the director of public safety, said. “In order to use one, we will scan their ID to ensure we get our shovel back. We try to allow as many students to park in the garage as possible to help with snow removal and to prevent vehicles from being buried or plowed in. Public Safety tends not to want to pile tickets onto people’s cars because of the snow as it already causes so many issues for students. Also, as of now we are giving students until March 1st in order to purchase permits prior to ticketing for this semester. 

Ever since the pandemic started, students have struggled with learning on an online platform and feel as if they are not as engaged as they would be if present in an actual classroom. There has been less engagement with students and teachers doing schooling online because they either feel lazy or still learning how to use online tools.  

Students have utilized campus as a place to sled and take pictures of how cool things look. When it snows students love exploring campus and seeing its rare form. They admire and take it in as long as they can.  

With online classes being the new norm around colleges, snow days are becoming more of a thing in the past.  When it snows, teachers will now conduct the classes online and operate from home leaving out many traditional snow day experiences for students to take advantage of.   


Jyair Fields

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