Cabrini students become viral TikTok sensations

By Lashay Smith
November 16, 2021

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While being a full-time student at Cabrini University, many students also have very unique talents while handling their school work.  

Students at Cabrini University manage their social media accounts, small businesses and talents while also being involved on campus and in tune with their school work. While trying to keep up with their followers and supporters, they make it known that school is something that motivates them to continue to strive in their interests. 

McCaughey now has 6,426 followers on TikTok and 313.2k views. Photo from Kyle’s TikTok.

Kyle McCaughey, senior communications major, is a viral TikTok star with more than 5,000 followers. He started his account in Dec. 2020 and now, in 2021, has made a name for himself on social media by creating content that revolves around sports. 

McCaughey interacts with his fans by replying to their comments, going live and giving the latest information about sports teams, their players and trending music. His most viral video, where he reacts to a tribute to Sean Taylor, a recent player for the Washington Redskins who passed away, reached over one million views.

“One of my friends who is also a Tik Toker, he told me that I too could be a Tik Toker and I did not believe him. I thought it was just an app for dancing, but I found out that it was much more to it,” said Kyle McCaughey. “I then realized that I could actually have a platform and share my thoughts on certain things while growing my brand.”

When it comes to handling school and TikTok, McCaughey makes it known that school is his top priority but TikTok is something that he is very interested in. He makes sure that he gets his work done first and then creates content for TikTok when he has the time to.

Cabrini’s communications department offers courses for students who are interested in commentating, podcasting, reporting and social media marketing. Students take these classes and apply the things that they learn to their everyday life just like McCaughey. 

“I took a social media course where I got to apply the different marketing techniques that I learned in class like adding hashtags and more,” McCaughey, said. 

Norman and a few of his friends in a drawing that he created. Photo by Troy Norman.

Troy Norman, junior graphic design major, has been creating artwork since the fifth grade. He would draw in his notepad in class to pass time and slowly started to fall in love with artwork. His inspiration, his mother, is a painter. He would watch her create unique paintings and saw how creating artwork was something that she truly loved. On the weekends, Norman and his mother would attend art classes where they would create meaningful paintings. 

Being a full-time student at Cabrini University and an artist, Norman manages his work and artwork well by settling time aside for both school and his artwork which are important to him. 

“During the week, I would come to founders and get my work done every night and on the weekends I would start my artwork in the graphic design studio and use Photoshop, which the school offers,” Norman, said. 

Recently, a piece of Norman’s artwork went viral on TikTok. He showed the process of one of his drawings of Ari Fletcher and over fifty thousand people saw his artwork and left positive feedback on it.

“I posted the video the night before I went to work. The next day I checked my TikTok and saw way more comments and views than before,” Norman said. “I was shocked because a celebrity actually liked my video which was cool.”

Students at Cabrini University can manage their talents while also being  full-time students with the help of their teachers, parents and even peers. While being a communications major, graphic design major or taking up any other major that Cabrini offers, students will have everything that they would need to be successful in all classes and outside talents.

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Lashay Smith

My name is Lashay Smith and I am a senior Digital Communications and Social Media major here at Cabrini University. I am also the first podcast editor for The Loquitur. My favorite things to do outside of class and the Loquitur are shopping, making TikTok's, recording and producing my own podcast, and hanging out with friends and family. A fun fact about me is that I can name all of the presidents of the United States in order. During my time at Cabrini, I joined Social Nexus which is a social media agency ran by students on campus, I also joined the Loquitur as an editor for the 2022-2023 school year. The type of content that I like to report on would be all things entertainment and social justice issues. My goal as an editor for the Loquitur is to create great content while also informing many people about the things that are happening on and off campus.

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