Senior reflects on time at Cabrini

By Christopher Blake
April 6, 2010

It’s safe to say that most people have heard the phrase, “College is the best four years of your life.” Well, my four years are quickly coming to an end, and, although I acknowledge I will miss my college days, post-graduation, at the same time I am happy to move on and transition into another segment in my life.

Looking back on the four years in Radnor I am very thankful that I took a chance on Cabrini. Coming all the way from San Francisco was a risk I took, but overall my experience at Cabrini paid off and living on the East Coast was well worth it.

When I first came to Cabrini I knew very few people but I learned quickly that Cabrini was a place where you could always easily find someone to talk to. Cabrini was a home away from home that I found comfort in.

What really helped my experience was staying active and taking advantage of the opportunities a small college can offer that I truly believe I would not have had at a larger school. Being able to play basketball and write for Loquitur for two years was a pleasure and if I could go back I would do everything over again.

Cabrini has so many positive attributes to offer its students, but I believe that overall its students do not take advantage of these opportunities. I also feel that an overwhelming majority of students have a lack of pride in their college. It’s my opinion that for Cabrini to improve its retention of students and quality of students it must find a way for students to have a better campus life. For example I can not remember the last time I saw kids playing Frisbee outside of Founders.

When I went to visit other colleges I often felt students had more passion and love for their colleges. Because of this I would not recommend Cabrini to a non student-athlete coming from California. However, I would recommend the college to a student on the East Coast. Without the immediate impact of having the support of teammates and coaches I do not think I would have enjoyed my college experience at Cabrini.

I hope my words do not come off as too negative, because I feel very fortunate to have gone to Cabrini. Not only was I able to enjoy my major but I was able to build a solid start to my career path. I met many great friends along the way and I will always look back upon my days at Cabrini with a positive view.

Thanks so much to all those who helped me find my way. A solid education is what Cabrini has provided me with and that’s attributed to the college’s dedicated professors and staff.

Christopher Blake

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