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By Nick Pitts
October 25, 2007

To some, intramural sports are a joke. To me, it’s a second chance.

I’ll probably never get to play for the men’s soccer team because I feel I blew that chance my freshman year. I came in with an injury and did not last long in tryouts. It was over for me in less than a week and just like that, I was looking to spend the next four years soccer less.

Then I found intramural soccer.

Intramural soccer cannot be compared to the collegiate level of play. You will not find world class players and highlight reel material on that practice field. What you will find instead is camaraderie, friendship and most importantly a good time. Though this is not the most competitive level I have played at, it is by far the most fun.

Teams for the most part contain a mix of both weathered veterans of the sport as well as newcomers. The mix allows for the less experienced players to learn so much about the sport while the vets develop leadership.

The club sport has almost doubled in popularity this year from last, with twice as many teams. With such an increase, one would think that it has gained more respect on the campus, right?

Last year every game was played on the turf field. This year to date, just one game has been played on the school’s prestigious field. The rest have been on the practice field, lined for lacrosse and not soccer.

It used to be a spectacle on the turf after nightfall under the lights. Now it’s in the afternoon mainly on the practice field. The divot filled, mis-lined practice field. Due to scheduling difficulties, there was no time allotted for night games that were available last year.

Because the games are in the middle of the afternoon on Mondays, when everyone has classes, games are very hard to attend. I generally run from my 4:30 p.m. class to make it to the field for the second half. I feel it’s certainly reasonable to ask for a night time kick off on the Dixon field instead of contemplating whether or not I should miss an afternoon class to help out my team.

At other schools, there are Web sites supporting their intramural and club sports. Here at Cabrini, there is a schedule and standings, but nothing more.

It is very hard to spread the word about intramural soccer, or any other intramural sport, when there is nothing you can show them via Cabrini’s sports website.

Aside from the lack of website acknowledgement, there are virtually no signs or any type of exposure on campus. It is always the more, the merrier in intramurals. With more exposure to the campus the leagues could increase in competition and just maybe people will want to become a part or at least come support.

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Nick Pitts

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