New Center for Student Success replaces former Center for Teaching and Learning

By Kelly Bush
September 10, 2016

Video by Keith Brown and Hayley Curtiss


The Center for Student Success is open to all students who need any academic help. (Photo by Emily Rowan)


The Center for student success is a new center for students to stay on top of things. The services included in the center are Academic Counseling, Professional Development, Disability Resource Center, Enrollment Retention, First-Year Experience, Math Resource Center, Peer Tutoring, Professional Advising and the Writing Center. Most of these services have been around at Cabrini but now they are all connected in one center to better serve students.

Dr. Kimberly Boyd, the associate dean for student success, said, “We rethought and re-visioned what we needed as we transitioned into Cabrini University.” When each center would meet up, they realized that a person who was struggling with a class was not engaged with school. Therefore, all of these departments coming together will help the student transition and succeed with confidence.

Cabrini has a variety of students who need support rather its academic support or counseling. The new center wants all the students to focus on their major, have an easy transition and still get the academic support at once.

Boyd also said, “We find students are more successful when they get engaged early.”

When speaking to students, all say they want to learn more about the Center for Student Success. Freshman Alyssa Jankowski said in high school she did have tutoring so to continue her education and have that extra help is good. The center wants the students to focus on their strengths and expand on them.

Students should not feel as though if they are not good at one thing they won’t succeed. Student success is being okay with knowing what you do not know and balancing everything out. Even students who are not at Cabrini full time will be given an adviser. In the past these students were never acknowledged, and the student success center wants the students to have a belonging. When students take the step to get comfortable with their faults they get connected and that’s when the center gets involved.

This program is not only available to freshman, the center realizes that sophomores do feel left out but juniors and seniors are mostly focused on other things. Sophomore Angelie Traviza first thought of the center was that it helps freshmen with resources. When Traviza was informed all students are welcomed, she feels as though she will use the center as a resource for her career. This is the effect the center wants to have on all students, they want to work with you and your needs.

The Center for Student Success will be connecting with every student on campus. The goal is to get students involved and on the right path. Students can learn more about the center and there will be a grand opening soon to help students fully understand the reasoning for the center. The center hopes to be a one-stop shop for student success, search for what you need and receive it.

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Kelly Bush

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