Cavalier of the Moment: Demo takes lax to the max

By Meghan Merkel
March 1, 2001

Gerilynn Utter

by Meghan Merkel

features editor

Try having a class with senior Mike Demarest.

As you try to listen intently to definitions of ecology and mutualism, Demarest makes it his goal to make you laugh.

No guidelines are involved.

His ears wiggle back and forth, he flips his eyelids up over his eyes, he even puts his hands together to make “fart noises.”

While every student sits intently in his/her chair, Demarest leans all the way forward so the chair is only on one leg. It is only a matter of time till he falls, starting a wave of laughter throughout the science class.

However, Demarest is an athlete.

A lacrosse player to be exact.

He catches himself, shoots me a smile and shrugs, ” I just like making people laugh.”

I’ll say.

Demarest, the youngest of six children, transferred to Cabrini from Harford Community College last year. He made his way to starting as a defender on the men’s lacrosse team.

As he looks forward to this upcoming season, he reflects on last year’s season, “last year we lost to Wesley by one in the PAC finals. Although we lost, it was still memorable because we played really well together.”

The business administration major often looks forward to driving home to Maryland where he can visit with his goddaughter, Riley. He also can be found quite frequently playing Playstation 2 with several of his teammates in House 5.

After Demarest graduates, he aspires to join the FBI. “I really want to join the FBI, but it’s not likely to happen. Basically I want to find a good job in the business industry.”

Maybe Demarest should charm them with the class clown act, it works for science class.

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Meghan Merkel

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