Campus roller hockey teams battle it out

By Kenneth Baumbach
November 29, 2001

Justine Di Filippo

The newly formed roller-hockey club at Cabrini has been growing in popularity ever since its creation by seniors Anthony Contipodero and Frank Plum, junior Anthony D’ Aleo, and first-year student Rob Cain.

Originally they planned to only have a single team in the Villanova Skating Center Adult League. However, because of the demand to play hockey, two clubs were formed. Cabrini I and Cabrini II are the names of the two teams that represent Cabrini in the Villanova hockey league.

Many people were excited about the creation of the club. “I was very excited to play,” first year student Peter Schauster said. “I never played on a team before, just a lot of street hockey. It was a great way for me to meet people and get involved.”

On Sunday, Nov. 18th, the two Cabrini teams meet for the second time in a game that promised to be hard fought.

Although Cabrini I beat Cabrini II the first time they met, the confidence level of Cabrini II remained high. “Losing the first game against them was rough,” Schauster said. “Since then we’ve come together and have played better as a team.”

Cabrini I came out strong in the first half of play. Mike Fineburg, graduate student, scored the first goal of the game for Cabrini I. Cabrini II answered right back with a goal of their own to tie the game 1-1. Cabrini I scored a few minutes later. The goal was scored by Anthony D’ Aleo who played an excellent game, and was a constant scoring threat. Cabrini II kept the game close however, with the score 3-1 at the end of the first half of play.

Both teams were very physical coming into the second half. The tension between both teams mounted on players from both sides and continued throughout the game to play fast and physical. Cabrini II continued to play catch up throughout the entire second half. With 10:33 left in the game, Cabrini I scored a short-handed goal to make the score 4-3. D’ Aleo scored the final goal of the game, accomplishing a hat trick, and sealed the game for Cabrini I with the final score being 5-3.

Both teams competed fiercely with each other. “I felt like I was breathing harder and harder between each shift,” Fineburg said. “The game was extremely fast paced and very quick.” ” I expected a good game that would be close,” D’ Aleo commented. “It was a very physical and competitive. Cabrini II has improved since we’ve played them last. Both teams wanted it bad, but in the end only one team could win.” Cabrini II, disappointed by the loss, tries to continue to improve and looks at the game as a learning experience. “We’ve come together more and felt that we set position well and have had better shots on goal,” Schauster said. “We were disappointed by the loss but what is done is done. Cabrini I played an excellent game and hopefully we can learn from them.”

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Kenneth Baumbach

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