Cabrini upgrades to turf field

By Jason Radka
August 31, 2006

Shane Evans

Cabrini College’s sports complex has undergone a major makeover. For years, Cabrini’s sports department has felt that the campus’ athletic fields were substandard for college play.

Statistically, Cabrini’s fields have been in the bottom 10 percent of the PAC conference. It is understood that Cabrini’s athletes could not continually use the old grass fields in a season 200 times each year when the grass can only take 50 times per year before turning to mud. In addition, it is difficult for an athletic department to obtain recruits when the fields are worse than the recruit’s high school fields. As a result from these quagmires, a new turf field was installed to replace the natural grass.

The type of turf used on the field is called SprinTurf. According to Sprinturf’s website, “In the 1970s, the first sand infill turf systems began replacing the old-style, carpet like “Astroturf” which was introduced to the world in 1966. By the 1980s, however, the principals of Sprinturf had helped to pioneer a new style of infill. Moving away from all-sand infill, the company began mixing rubber with its sand to help provide a safer, softer field.”

The whole Sprinturf operation has been estimated to cost a little more than one million dollars. Dr. Antoinette Iadarola, president of Cabrini, landed a major donation commitment from Mr. and Mrs. Fitz Dixon, critical donors during the project. In addition, Cabrini was able to raise money to pay for half the price of the field.

The field is 120 yards by 75 yards, which is suitable for official NCAA competition for field hockey, lacrosse and soccer. The turf is green to mimic the color of natural grass and is filled with rubber shavings from old tires as an alternative to dirt. In addition, facilities have perfected an excellent drainage system said to drain several inches per hour relieving the field from water damage

As the field was finished in late August, players and coaches now ready themselves for a new environment of play.

Cabrini College women’s lacrosse coach Jackie Neary was a lacrosse player in college and had a few things to say about playing on a turf field.

“The turf field is a great addition to Cabrini. Most division one schools have turf fields for their teams. The field allows for a more competitive and faster game play. I think the players are excited.”

The Astroturf field at Cabrini College is a major enhancement to the sports department for home games and practices. Massive field lights have also been built for a more exciting night game experience.

“The athletic department and turf committee did a fantastic job getting our college one of the best playing fields in the region,” said Ken Prothero, Cabrini men’s soccer coach.

“Last year we had a solid soccer team,” Prothero said. “We played on a field that wasn’t a college level field. The committee did an excellent job to bring the turf field to Cabrini. The play is very different from grass to turf and now our players can get a full turf soccer experience. The turf field is probably our best new player. No words can describe how excited and thankful we are to have this new facility.”

Students, players and coaches are looking forward to participating on the field as the fall season approaches.

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Jason Radka

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