Cabrini Day 2000 promises to educate the heart

By Beth Ann Conahan
October 26, 2000

by Beth Conahan

Cabrini Day 2000 is just around the corner and this year’s theme, “Coming to America: The Human Face of Immigration,” promises once again to educate the heart.

Cabrini Day 2000 is Thursday, Nov. 2 and everyone in the Cabrini College community is encouraged to participate.

The theme of immigration was especially picked for this year, 50 years after St. Frances Xavier Cabrini was named Patroness of Immigrants.

Cabrini Day is a tradition in learning about injustice throughout the world and why it is important to be dedicated to changing it. St. Francis Xavier Cabrini and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus dedicated their lives to helping those less fortunate and for that reason this day is to honor them.

The day kicks off with a Celebrity Brunch from 10 a.m. to noon. The Cabrini Day tradition continues with professors and staff members serving students brunch in the cafeteria. Making waffles, serving bacon and eggs and waiting tables are now included in the staff’s job description.

The first session begins at 12:45. Shirley Dixon is moderating a program called “Getting Along.” It deals with conflicts, crises, mediation and alternatives to violence. This live, multi-media presentation, given by Key Arts Production Company, includes video clips, lectures and live voices. Dixon is certain this program is related to the theme of immigration because “it’s about more than moving from one place to another.”

The Cabrini Mission Corps is giving a program called “Bridging the Cultural Divide: Ministry to Immigrants.” Lisa Grzyboski is a young missioner coming to Cabrini to discuss her work with immigrants in New York City with students. Her work has changed how she views the world and she hopes to help students see that they can make a difference.

“Immigration Through Sponsorship,” “Celebrating and Transmitting Our Amenian Heritage,” “Freedom from Hunger: Learnings from the Hunger Project,” “Coming from Bosnia to Cabrini College” and “Reaching Out to Sudanese Refugees” are the other programs planned for the first session.

The second session begins at 2:00. Lisa Grzyboski will be speaking with students again in her program “Bridging the Cultural Divide: Ministry to Immigrants.”

Cabrini’s improv troupe “On the Spot” will be having a show in the second session. They will take audience suggestions to put on an improvisational show on the day’s events and themes.

“Working in Another Culture,” “Amnesty International at Cabrini College,” “The Border Experience,” “Philadelphia and the Rest of the World: Immigration, Migrants and Refugees,” “Where Do Presidential Candidates Stand on the Issues?” and “Children and Women: Other Victims of Civil War” are all programs included in the second session.

“Words We Bring with Us: The Immigrant Experience” is being held in the second session. “It is people reading work they wrote that is about immigrants or works by immigrants,” said Chris Vesci, senior. It will also feature a speaker. Father John McNamee will be reading some of his poems from his published book of poetry “Clay Vessels.” His poetry falls within a wide range of topics.

Cabrini Day 2000 will also have an awards ceremony at 3:15. The Charles A. Matronardi Awards for Leadership and Service will be awarded to four students who have demonstrated the qualities of good leaders as well as a strong interest in service to the community.

Cabrini Immigrant Services in New York will be presented with a Cabrini Award for their work and the impact it has had on individuals, local communities, the country and the world.

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Beth Ann Conahan

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