Cabrini rowers will race in the Dad Vail Regatta

By Anthony Pietrewicz
May 13, 2021

Cabrini Rowing Team at Marc Championship Regatta

Rowing requires more team coordination than any other sport. From the outside, it may simply look like sitting in a boat and pulling oars, but it’s significantly more than that. Aligning every stroke, organizing boat line-ups, facing cold weather, all while waking up at 5 a.m. for practices. The sport is exponentially more trying than most will give it credit for. 

“My experience as a freshman on the team was good,” freshman health science and gender and body studies major Samantha Frederick said about her first year rowing at a collegiate level. Like starting anything new, Frederick struggled while picking up the sport. “It was hard at first but as I started to understand what I was supposed to do I began to love it.”  

It takes a lot to commit oneself to the rowing team. Constantly preparing for the next race can be grueling work for a full-time student-athlete. “Practices were challenging because while we are rowing we need everybody in sync with one another while going at a fast pace.” Understandably that takes a lot of effort to achieve.

The team was eventually able to practice together and compete more during the spring season. Sophomore graphic design major Rachel Hetrick was most happy about this. She too prides herself on being a member of the Cabrini rowing team. Hetrick acknowledged that the team is still growing and she is fortunate to be a part of the young team.

The team has done everything in the book to get themselves ready for this season. They spent the first few weeks of the season using the ergs (rowing machines), to get in shape and build endurance. On the water, they worked on everything from maintaining the synced pace to how they hold their oars. 

Additionally, the coach tried out several boat line-ups and rigging arrangements. The coaches did this to make sure that every rower could work to the best of their abilities to benefit the team. Organizing a group of rowers that work best with each other is vital to managing a winning team.

Rowing 1
Cabrini Rowing Team at Kerr Cup, photo credits to Cabrini Athletics

As of now, Cabrini’s regular rowing season has come to an end. Yet some members of the team are still training to race in one of the biggest college races in the world, the Dad Vail Regatta. The regatta was canceled last year because of COVID-19, but this year the city of Philadelphia is allowing it to come back.

Over 100 teams race in the regatta every year, ranging from across the United States and Canada. This year is the 81st annual Dad Vail and the turnout is expected to be much less than previous years in order to follow safe COVID-19 regulations. 

The Dad Vail Regatta is a weekend event, starting on Saturday, May 8, and continuing over to Sunday, May 9 for championship races. Along with Rachel Hetrick and Sam Frederick, Jess D’Angelo and Juliana Hopwood will be racing in the Cabrini boat, all being coxed by Caitlynne Zelazny.

Hetrick voiced what the team means to her, “Cabrini means a lot to me. My teammates have become some of my best friends here and rowing with them is my favorite part of the day. It’s really exciting to know that we can keep working hard and growing together to make Cabrini rowing stronger.”

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Anthony Pietrewicz

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