Cabrini Fall Open House

By Kelsey Alvino
November 16, 2010

Cabrini College fall open house was a day very similar to other college open houses around the country. Typical activities including tours, question and answer sessions and information meetings to students and family.  But this typical day had a new twist.

Although all of this seemed routine for an open house, Cabrini offered an experience that is rare to find at any other college campus.

“167 students signed up for our normal fall open house, but 27 prospective students made the decision to stay overnight and experience the student life at Cabrini College,” Admissions Counselor, Felicia Neuber said.

For the second year in a row Cabrini offered students to experience college life before begin accepted. Instead of students leaving with their families after the open house was over they gathered their overnight gear and headed to house 3 and 7 for a true Cabrini College experience.

These prospective students we’re accompanied by student ambassadors who led them to the Saturday night festivities.  These events provided by Cabrini included dinner, the chance to see Lend Me a Tenor, the Spirit bonfire and the student dance.

“We wanted to give kids the opportunity to come here and experience the campus they were potentially going to attend, they were excited to be a part of the student life,” Neuber said.

All of the prospective student being together and sleeping under the same roof gave them a chance to get to know each other and have connections to friends and the school before making a very important life decision.

“This year we decided the open house participants would stay together and not with students who already attend Cabrini, it gave them a change to get to know one another without feeling any type of pressure or discomfort by the current students,” Neuber said.

Hosting an open house and offering the chance to stay overnight has really helped with the enrollment at Cabrini College. Helping the prospective students base their decision off of more than just a day of information.

“We got a lot of positive feedback from the students who decided to stay overnight, they had already made bonds on campus, and felt that they belonged,” Neuber said.

Making it possible for students to have a college experience before they are accepted is rare but Cabrini hopes to keep this new style of the open house going for a long time, to better benefit the college and most importantly the students.

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Kelsey Alvino

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