Bryde: Teacher jobs “will be on the incline”

By MaryKate McCann
February 27, 2013

You will study how people learn and how best to teach them while acquiring skills to help students succeed no matter what their background, age or learning style may be.

Students find out early and often that teaching is a demanding job and it really required knowledge and dedication. Much hard work is involved but “many students see teacher education as a calling or vocation and that often does not change,” Dr. Beverly Bryde, Associate Dean for Education, said.

Six months after graduating, are you unsuccessful in finding a job in the field of Education? Some would consider themselves lucky to just find work as a substitute.

“A lot of it is based on opportunity,” Bryde said. “If there are not a lot of jobs available in the area in a Pennsylvania school district, many may move where there is a market for teachers not where they would choose to live.”

Education majors here at Cabrini look at what grade they would like to teach based on the age level or the discipline they’re attracted to.

“There may not be jobs because the market is flooded in those specific areas but the rates of hiring teachers from kindergarten through high school over the next ten years is expected of a 13 percent increase rate in job opportunities,” Bryde said.

After students graduate from Cabrini they are certified as teachers by the state of Pennsylvania and apply for jobs locally or they may choose out of state.

“Our students are finding jobs in the area of education from which they receive their education degree certification,” Bryde said

If there isn’t a job opportunity for students, they will choose to specialize in another area so they are more marketable in the area.

“I know some of my friends who are still without jobs,” Allison Gentry, class of 2012 alumna, said. “The process was getting your resume out to different schools but also word of mouth and learning if there were openings in the area.”

Being able to work with kids at all ages is a must in order to be successful in the education field. From the day you graduate you are learning how to set up and manage a classroom and to create and teach inspiring lessons.

“Being a first year teacher I have learned so much from the other teachers who have been doing it for so long and have changed my teaching style based on my students.” Gentry said.

Things weren’t that easy for 2012 graduate Brianna Connor, who attempted many times to get her resume, recommendation letters and certifications out to potential employers.

“I found it extremely difficult to find a job in teaching after graduation,” Connor, now a secondary-level English teacher, said.

During a long-term month and a half subbing position, there was a job opening in an elementary charter school in Newark, N.J. Following a interview, Connor completed a demo lesson in the classroom that would later be her own kindergarten classroom.

“Although I had not studied to teach elementary education in college, I kept an open mind and I decided to pursue the opportunity I was presented with.” Connor said.

Connor took another Praxis examination and filed to apply for an elementary education certification.

Connor is currently in her second year of teaching, and is now teaching first grade at North Star Academy Elementary Charter School. “I am certified to teach both English 7-12 secondary education and K-5 elementary education. I am grateful that I was able to find employment, and I love my job,” Connor said.

Students were required as undergraduates to complete field experience for 5 semesters and then student teaching for an entire semester. Cabrini well-prepared graduates for a career and most felt that they were given the necessary exposure in order to prepare themselves for teaching.

“Teacher jobs are not going away,” Byrde said. “If anything, they will be on the incline.”

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MaryKate McCann

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