BRIO makes student info accessable

By Kristen Catalanotto
September 25, 2003

A Cabrini student sits quietly in her desk, staring at their teacher, perhaps thinking “I hope this professor doesn’t know that I failed two of my classes last semester.”

Well, chances are if they wanted to know, they could definitely find out. Full time teachers at Cabrini have access to their students’ academic records through a new computer program on campus, BRIO. BRIO is a part of the new Banner computing system on campus, “BRIO takes information from Banner and presents it in the form of various reports (e.g. course schedules, student transcripts, etc.),” said the dean for academic affairs, Dr. Catharine O’Connell.

When BRIO and Banner arrived on campus, the programs brought the option of not using students’ social security numbers. The use of Social security numbers so frequently on campus caused a hazard and made the students prone to having their identity stolen. The system now uses official banner numbers that are randomly picked, therefore making it safer for Cabrini students.

Many students who are reading this might get worried about their personal academic information falling into the wrong hands. O’Connell said, “We have not had a case where anyone gets into the computer system and accesses student data inappropriately.”

With all the viruses and computer hackers trying to obtain many people’s personal information, the system is also protected by a password and “banner has many firewalls to protect data within the system. While no computer system is 100 percent safe from the danger of hacking, Banner is the state-of-the-art system in higher education,” O’Connell said.

Posted to the Web by: Toccara Buckley

Kristen Catalanotto

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