Bring back activities students want, they will stay on campus

By Tyron Davis
February 25, 2015

Did you know that Cabrini used to have an event called “Spring Fling?” I didn’t, in fact, I just learned about it.

In 2004, the annual event was held in mid-April and it was the biggest event at Cabrini that students looked forward to because it was an all-day event.

Spring Fling would start at 3 p.m. behind the mansion with a number of festivities. After the festivities behind the mansion ended at 7 p.m., students would look forward to the wing eating competition that followed at 8 p.m.

Woodcrest  Yearbook  1996 photo from senior week. Should the campus bring back spring fling and other activities students want?
Woodcrest Yearbook
1996 photo from senior week. Should the campus bring back spring fling and other activities students want?

Then there was a dance hosted by 89.1 WYBF-FM and they even brought Wired 96.5 and live bands to perform.

Now what happened to Spring Fling is somewhat humorous, only because you wouldn’t expect it. Apparently, a number of years ago Cabrini held the event and while it was going on a person was stabbed, causing the event to be cancelled indefinitely.

The individual was asked to leave, charges were pressed and time was served.

That’s where it should have been left. To take a significant event and cancel it because of someone wanted to test their new shank seems like more selfish decision by the college itself.

It’s not like it was a recurring incident that happened every Spring Fling.

When there were fights at the dance, how come they were not cancelled? People were assaulted in both incidents so I don’t get the difference.

If someone was stabbed on Cabrini Day or Founder’s Day, would they cancelled those days events also?

After looking over the activities that came with the Spring Fling, I would elect to bring the event back.

It was recorded that almost no student went home that weekend and if we want to become less of a suitcase campus then we have to start somewhere.

Over and over, I hear that there’s never anything to do on campus and that students wouldn’t recommend this college to others because there is never anything fun to do.

I organized a coed football tournament that’s set to take place at the very beginning of May.

All you need is someone with a little power to back you up and the expression of an idea to the right people and you’re on the right track.

Students have to realize that we are the voice of the campus and that if you want anything to happen then you have to speak up.

If you don’t then no one will know exactly what you want. SEaL wants to come up with programs that students will love and it looks as if they’re taking events from past years that were successful and recycling them.

My opinion, fight to have this Spring Fling. If the right people are running it then it sounds like a great time to enjoy with the community.

Tyron Davis

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