Black Artist Showcase

By Sydnee Reddy
March 7, 2021

One of the many programs the Black Student Union plans for Black History Month on Cabrini’s campus is the Black Artist Showcase. The showcase takes place on Feb 26.

Black History Month started as black history week. Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH) created Black history week in 1926 and choose the second week of February to celebrate it. They wanted to recognize the achievements of African-Americans and their role in U.S history. In the decades that followed cities across the country celebrated the week but eventually, the only week-long celebration turned into a month-long celebration on college campuses. In 1976 President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month.

Black History Month“Black History Month” by Enokson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Black Student Union has been on Cabrini’s campus since 1972. According to their mission statement, the Black Student Union welcomes people of all backgrounds and gains insight and shares experiences while understanding the experience of others. BSU also celebrates the Black culture of their ancestors and people who have made an impact on society to help get rid of stereotypes and viewpoints of racism.

This is the first year of Black Artist Showcase. It features Black Cabrini students showcasing their talents and skills for people on campus to enjoy. They sent out information about Zoom auditions with people getting a 15-minute slot. You have the option of sending video submissions until Feb 19. The showcase takes place on Feb 26. Some of the performances may include comedy, music, dancing, slam poetry, fine art, juggling and so much more. This is one of the many other programs the Black Student Union is hosting for Black History Month. 

“We decided to have a talent show during a meeting with Seal about potential Black history month event ideas last semester,” said Naiser Warren-Robison, president of the Black Student Union.

“We need to show the diversity of the school and showcase everybody’s talents. Everybody has different ways of expressing themselves and this is a way of kicking off Black History Month,” Armani Parker, sophomore graphic design major, said. “We’re not making the showcase all about certain people of color or certain people to participate in. This is for everybody; this is to help showcase everybody’s talent and show Cabrini that this is a very diverse environment for everybody to feel comfortable in.”

“It is important to have the showcase at Cabrini to give out Black students a platform where they can display their talents to the rest of the Cabrini community,” Warren-Robison said. “Too often we do hear stories of students who feel unheard and under-appreciated on this campus, so we want to create a space for Black students particularly to have the opportunity to feel heard.”

When asked about performances for the show both Nasier and Armani didn’t want to spoil it, so you have to attend the show to see it. The Black Artist Showcase, the showcase takes place Feb. 26 look in your email for more information.

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Sydnee Reddy

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