Belichick, Patriots lack sportsmanship

By Nick Pitts
November 1, 2007

If the New England Patriots are the evil empire of football, than consider Mr. Bill Belichick Darth Vader.

It seems as though New England head coach Bill Belichick is out to prove something to the rest of the National Football League: That his Patriots can win without cheating, mercilessly.

The now 8-0 Patriots have scored at least 34 points against the much weaker opponents they faced. Every game thus far has been decided by 17 points or more. Last Sunday’s victims, the Washington Redskins, scored a mere seven points, while giving up 52. If that is not running up the score, than I am not sure just what is.

Opposing teams have not even averaged 16 points against the solid New England defense. Games have been decided in the first half and yet the Patriots give no ground, playing their starters until the bitter end.

Earlier this season the Pats were caught illegally stealing defensive play calls from opposing teams via video cameras. They were heavily fined and a first round draft pick has been taken from them for the 2008 draft. The violation put a huge black smudge on the otherwise spotless and pristine seasons the Patriots have shown in the past few years.

The past three superbowl rings? Tarnished. So why not seek a fourth, at the National Football League’s expense. Instead of attempting to restore their good name, the Patriots seem to be thriving on the dark side and Darth- err I mean, Bill Belichick, is at the helm, commanding his 22 men army.

Leading by a score of 38-0 at the start of the fourth quarter against the Washington Redskins, Belichick commanded his military to march on. Did back up Quarter back Matt Cassel enter the game? Sure he did, right after Tom Brady completed two fourth down conversions and tacked on another seven points, made possible by a 35 yard grab by Randy Moss, also still in the game.

With a 45-0 lead, Cassel entered the game and scored a touchdown of his own, rather than hand the ball off to run down the clock.

After the game, Belichick made sure to mention the four minor false start penalties taken in the fourth. Oh yeah, and his reason for leaving Brady in to score a few extra touchdowns in the second half? The previous week the Miami Dolphins gave the Patriots the biggest scare of the season.

Wait a second, the now 0-8 Miami Dolphins, giving the juggernaut Patriots the biggest scare of their season?

Brady actually reentered the game in the fourth quarter after Cassel’s pass was intercepted and ran back for a Miami touchdown. Another seven insurance points were scored, to keep a lead of 28.

If Joe Gibbs’ Redskins have any bitter feelings, just thank Miami, for even thinking about coming within 28 points of New England.

The last glimmering light of hope lies in the heart of Indianapolis. The Colts, also undefeated, seem to be the answer the entire football world outside of New England is seeking. They just so happen to battle next Sunday, November 4.

When I think of a patriot, I think of the founding fathers of this country. Fighting for freedom and devoting oneself to a cause. A patriot is about dignity.

Just as Darth Vader turned to the dark side, Bill Belicheck is no longer devoted to the good of the sport. Belichick lacks manners. Sportsmanship is clearly not a word in his vocabulary of dominance. He does not exactly care, either.

In tarnishing their name, the Patriots have also tarnished the word this country was founded on.

Nick Pitts

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