Beating the “Freshman 15”

By Ryan McLaughlin
September 16, 2013

The rush of attending college as a freshman can be overwhelming. With this new experience comes a new sense of freedom that can become too much for some to handle.

“For most of us, freshman year  symbolizes the first time that we experience total independence,” Tori Lyde, senior elementary education major, said.

The freshman-15 is a widely known problem that many students experience. Putting on those extra pounds can be a result from a number of things.

Without parents or guardians being there to make sure the students “eat their veggies,” many take it as an opportunity to eat anything they want.

This is the first obvious mistake.

Taking responsibility for the choices being made is the first step in avoiding gaining those extra pounds. Although it may seem like common knowledge, many don’t realize how dramatically food consumption can affect their physique.

Let’s not play dumb. Most college students have a drink or four now and then. Alcohol combined with a poor diet makes the intense workout you just did rendered pretty much useless.

According to an article published in Joe Weider’s Muscle & Fitness magazine, the empty calories in alcohol are damaging to a person’s physique.

Food and lack of exercise put people in the hole and inch them closer to that dreaded weight gain. The sad reality is, even with a good workout everyday consuming alcohol can destroy much of the progress you would be making.

There are very basic methods that if followed will help you not only prevent weight gain but improve your physique.

There are many people who go to college and complain that it’s difficult to eat healthy when going to the cafe. The truth is these people just aren’t looking hard enough.

No matter the night, there will always be something in the cafe to eat that is a healthy alternative to the french fries and cheese burgers. The dieting side of things is always a lot more difficult to manage because it’s a battle of instant gratification verses achieving a goal over an extended period.

If someone can gain self control over food consumption that is more than half the battle already won.

College students consume a lot of alcohol.  According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 80 percent of students who attend college drink while half report to have participated in binge drinking in the past 2 weeks.

Many still wonder how they gain so much weight so rapidly and don’t take into account they can recall only a few sober moments of the weekend while the rest was left a blur.

If drinking is inevitable make it on occasion not every occasion. If unhealthy food was consumed one day make the next one healthy. Get to the gym as often as possible and really take advantage or your time and make the most of it.

Find a class that sparks interest and makes learning enjoyable. College is supposed to be a great experience, just remember that expanding your knowledge is a big part of it. Then things like drinking become a less important activity.

Ryan McLaughlin

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