App of the Week: Pose

By Ariel Crawford
January 30, 2011

Whether you’re a shopaholic or loathe trips to the mall, you’ll still find that Pose is an application sent from heaven. This application is for any smart phone and is easily identifiable for download by its royal purple little logo and elegant cursive text. It’s also completely free.

As an application, Pose serves three main purposes. The first is to be a kind of virtual vault. Have you ever been out shopping and suddenly spotted that must-have item but for whatever reason not been able to walk out of the store with it?

You simply open up the application and take a picture of the item. There’s no limit so you can take as many pictures as your heart desires. Then you can note important information such as the price, color and size of the item as well as the store, its location and the date you found the item.

Pose’s second role is that of social-media mogul. Pose can sync up to any e-mail address book, Facebook, Twitter and the application’s official website where a custom page is created for you when you download the application and create your profile.

Your profile page on will display your feeds. That means every time you update your profile by sending someone a message, loving an update or adding another wanted item to your virtual vault. You can send e-mail messages to your contacts, post on friend’s Facebook walls, update your Facebook status and Tweet to the world all as a way of dropping hints as to what you would like as a gift for that upcoming special occasion.

Pose’s third and final job is to provide inspiration. In addition to being able to see your own feeds and the feeds of your friend, everyone can see the universal feeds called popular, which showcases the most loved feeds and items and POSErs, a feed that features the fashion finds of some secret, but highly regarded shoppers.

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Ariel Crawford

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