App of the Week: Path

By Alexandra Rodolico
February 9, 2011

Looking for a new personal way to share your life and memories to close friends?   “Path,” made by the iPhone, is the latest personal social network application to share with your closest friends.

The creator, Dave Morin, who was a helper in building Facebook, left the company in 2010 to work on the application.  It debuted last November and was designed to be compatible with the iPhone to share pictures and videos with a limited group of friends.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter where you can have thousands of friends, Path users cannot have more then 50.  The reasoning behind the small number is that researchers’ theory believes that 50 is the number of friends that most people can maintain a close relationship with. The founders think that people want more private interaction with a much smaller social circle

The friendship does not have to be mutual, which means the user can send photos to someone who does not send photos to them. Simply with one swipe, users can also make a picture visible only to the people tagged in it, which mean no fights between friends who weren’t there for the fun event.

With Path, you can capture life’s moments in photo or video and tag your moments with people, places, and things to add context. You can also see when your friends and family see your moments, let your friends know how you feel about their moment with emoticons and chat with friends and family around each moment. Also, unlike Facebook, you can explore your friends’ moments on a map.

Recently Path added an upgrade called “Path Chat” where users can also comment on pictures.

Its original intent was made just for the iPhone and a website on the Internet, but Morin plans to make it compatible with the Android and BlackBerry.

The application is a fun easy way to share pictures and videos with your closest friends and has been a hit since debuting in November and is on it’s way to be another social network of the decade.

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Alexandra Rodolico

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