America attacked-not marred

By Staff Writer
September 20, 2001

by Vince DeFruscio

staff writer

The actions of Tuesday, Sept. 11 were more than just an “act of war.” They were a shot in the proverbial arm of America.

Time stood still as marvels of late 20th-century technology came crashing together in an explosion of fire, smoke, stone, and glass. Make no mistake about it, the World Trade Center was chosen because of its symbolic relationship to capitalism and its representation of freedom.

These terrorists believe their God will smile down and reward them for their hateful actions. I know of no God who encourages or condones the decided losses of human lives.

Immediately following the attacks along the East Coast, airline travel was ceased. For the first time in all of our lives, the sky was devoid of airliners. The stars seemed a bit darker, the night a bit more serene, the world a bit more solemn.

Arabian children danced in the streets, rejoicing at our losses. They did so just miles, minutes, heartbeats away from the scene of the horrors in New York City. These children dance because their parents dance, they laugh because their parents laugh, and they hate because their parents hate. They are foolish in their premature celebration of America’s demise. It is the ability, the right of these persons seemingly united in their hatred of America, to gather and celebrate, that exemplifies the American dream, freedom.

Our President and Commander in Chief has handled this crisis wonderfully. He deserves nothing more than our support during this time.

All over this great country, candles flicker a glowing ambiance, a blurry flame. The flame, like these great American people, shall never be extinguished. For as long as the human spirit is free to rise and live and breath, these American people shall forever live free, unintimidated, and proud.

Teenagers, not adults, but teenagers gathered Friday night. They were peacefully raucous – holding candles, waving flags, honking horns, and chanting America’s infamous initials. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A. It is a rally-cry of sorts, cried in brevity and pride. These teenagers of drafting age are not asking “which way to Canada,” but rather, “which way to liberty?”

These terrorists have broken our buildings, crushed our stones, wrecked our skylines, stolen our family members, and raped our comfortable innocence. They have not, however, marred our American spirit, our faith, our majestic stars and our boldly blazing stripes.

Our flag flew at Fort McHenry to emphasize our strength. That same flag has graced the island of Iwo Jima, the halls of Philadelphia, and the surface of the moon. It is that flag that has shrouded many a great man’s casket, from Kennedy to King, and veterans the country over. The colors are bold, like the citizens it represents. More than just a symbol, it has come to stand on its own as an entity of the American will to survive and succeed.

It has been America’s destiny to be successful. That destiny is not some divine grant or religious endowment, but rather a rock-solid spirit of survival. It is that spirit that has sent rockets into space, put men on the moon, and built buildings that seemingly reached upward to touch the souls of mankind and heaven alike.

As surely as this sun will rise tomorrow, so too shall the eagle fly above the storm, so too shall the flag of America wave. For as long as we Americans are united, our enemies can never defeat us. They can try, but they cannot.

Many lives were lost, and many more may still be. They have not died in vain. Their deaths are of martyrs, of innocence. Our tears shed will forever stain our cheeks. The flag is of comfort, like the hand of a mother; let it lead us to confidence and victory.

God Bless America and the victims and their families in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania during these trying times. It is our ability as a nation to rise above adversity that keeps the dream alive.

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Staff Writer

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