The Used makes comeback with new album

By Allie Jeter
March 27, 2012

After a three year absence from the music scene, The Used released their latest album “Vulnerable” on March 27.

The Used have been releasing hit after hit without getting the recognition they deserve since 2002. But after a three-year absence from the music world, the band has produced their most anticipated album yet on March 27 called “Vulnerable.”

Frontman Bert McCracken, lead guitarist Quinn Allman, drummer Dan Whitesides and bassist Jeph. Howard has been creating hits since 2007 with Whitesides after former drummer, Branden Steineckert, left the band.

They were at the top of their game when they released their 2002 self-titled album. They followed with their second called “In Love and Death” in September of 2004. The band has achieved both Gold and Platinum statuses in more than six countries and have sold three million records worldwide.

Steineckert, Allman, and Howard were the founding members and set out to find their lead vocalist. Auditions for the vocalist position started at Howard’s home in Utah. Most of the people who auditioned were “terrible” in Allman’s point of view but even though they weren’t too good, one singer stood out to Allman and that was McCracken.

McCracken was very impressed with what the band had created and after being given the music, he wrote the lyrics to what would become the song “Maybe Memories.”

Even though it seemed like life was moving fast for the group, they suffered through some hardships along their journey. From poverty to homelessness to substance abuse, the group went through it all. They even panhandled for change just to buy food to eat for each coming day. The members finally decided on the name The Used because they felt that they were being ‘used’ when contact was lost between them and family and friends due to them becoming more involved and focused in the band.

The band experienced great tragedy along their journey in tragedy. In 2004, McCracken’s exgirlfriend, who was pregnant with their first child, died of an overdose. The second studio album was thus named “In Love and Death” as a reference to his late exgirlfriend. The song “Hard to Say” was dedicated to her even though it was created years prior to her death.

The Used’s most recent album, “Vulnerable” is their fifth studio album under their new label, Hopeless Records. The album was produced by John Feldman, who produced their first three albums. The first single from “Vulnerable” is called “I Come Alive.” The song is what you would expect from this band, the typical sound that made them who they are. The song has an indication of electronic feel to it and it adds a new sound and element to the song as a whole. The instrumentals hit hard, as they usually do and the vocals are spot on.

The album has great, catchy and head-banging tunes such as “Now That you’re Dead” and “This Fire.” But the album also gives you a taste of the band’s sweet side with love ballads such as “Getting Over You” and “Together Burning Bright.”

The guys have set the bar really high with this album and although it hasn’t been out for even a week, it’s been getting great reviews on iTunes. The Used has always been one of those bands that I loved but you don’t really hear enough of their songs on the radio. They have the talent that a lot of bands would kill for, but from the looks of things, the promotion is at fault with the group. The album is a great listen and what you’ve been craving for and if you’re a huge fan of the band, this an album that you need to listen to ASAP.


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Allie Jeter

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