A germ experiment

By Beth Ann Conahan
March 22, 2001

Cabrini’s campus is nothing more than a giant germ waiting to make you all sick. I haven’t had an entirely healthy day in months.

There is nowhere to hide. There is no entirely effective way of avoiding the germs, they hide in the most unexpected places and pose fear where you least expect it. The Biological Principles I Lab collected samples from all over campus and studied the growth.

They’re everywhere. Hiding on doors and railings, keyboards in the computer lab and even on the soda fountains in the cafeteria.

Where did they grow the fastest? Don’t read any further if you don’t really want to know. The keyboards in the computer lab grew like wildfire. If you’re fingers have been tapping those keys, you might be afraid to know how the students who were studying the samples were cautioned about handling them. They were not permitted to open the petri dishes and when they weren’t studying them, they were placed in sterile bags.

The buttons on the soda fountain in the cafeteria grew almost as fast. Have you had a soda this week?

What else can I say, except YUCK! It’s truly a disgusting thought.

I’m not unreasonable. I understand that a lot of people pass through the halls and germs are bound to be spread. I have had cold after cold and even had strep throat last semester. After knowing what I know, nothing on this campus feels clean. It’s really disgusting.

There is no escape from the germs. If you keep getting sick, stop blaming your roommate and start blaming it on the soda fountain. And if they haven’t gotten to you yet, don’t feel left out, they will.

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Beth Ann Conahan

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