After ‘Survivor’

By Jenine Ikeler
October 19, 2000

by Jenine J. Ikeler
staff writer

Colleen Haskell, the pixie-like castaway from “Survivor,” is set to costar with Saturday Night Live star Rob Schneider in a comedy called “Animal.” “The 23-year old advertising major from the University of Miami is one of the first castaways to cross over into the big screen.

“Animal” is about a man who receives organ transplants from a multitude of animals and slowly finds himself taking on various beastly traits. Haskell will play Schneider’s love interest. Haskell auditioned for the part in a standard 15- minute read session with producers and was granted the part.

Shooting starts Oct. 17 in Los Angeles. Columbia Pictures has set ” Animal” for a June 22 release date.

Haskell still can not quite understand the magnitude of the shows success. During an appearance on CBS’s “Early Edition” Haskell said, “I went camping for 33 days and now everyone seems to care.”

If you were one of the millions of people who sat home and watched “Survivor” religiously fear not because “Survivor 2 The Australian Outback” is coming soon. Actually the show will return to CBS in 2001 after the Superbowl. This season is going to be filled with a lot of action The setting will be dry, arid, open land crisscrossed with deep canyons, waterfalls and enormous eucalyptus forests. The only other inhabitants are kangaroos, wild pigs, horses and exotic bird life. It seems almost mystical, but you are a part of the challenge to become the ultimate “Survivor” and the winner of one million dollars.

When asking Cabrini students if they would like to be cast in a “Survivor” series, their responses were mixed.

“I feel that show is ridiculous because they are not real survivors. It is just a game show,” junior Maureen Kelly said

” I would definitely be on `Survivor.’ I think it would be cool to go to a new place and meet new people,” sophomore Pasquale Bocchicchio said

“There is no way on God’s green earth I would do that show,” junior Amanda Campbell said

If you have ever watched any type of reality -based TV show, whether it was “Survivor” or even the “Real World” and felt that is something you would consider being a part of, then log onto This website offers a list of show that are in pre-development and also lets you know how you can apply.

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Jenine Ikeler

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